Quality Control


Quality control

CEMOSA has an extensive network of laboratories for the quality control of buildings and public works, fixed by delegation and temporary on-site, able to carry out tests that determine the quality of the materials, their correct commissioning, and thus ensure the quality of the work units executed.
It has technical personnel who are experts in materials: in the execution of the tests and in the verification of the commissioning.
CEMOSA’s fixed testing laboratories are registered in the CTE General Registry in areas such as: Building tests EA, EFA, EH, EM, GT, PS, VS, Civil engineering tests OL-A, OL-B, OL-D based on the requirements set forth in Royal Decree 410/2010 of March 31.
CEMOSA has ENAC Accreditations as a Laboratory for the testing of concrete and adhesives for ceramic tiles. The complaints procedure is available to interested parties upon request.


  • Drafting of anneces and quality control plans.
  • Material use studies.
  • Adaptation to regulations with acceptance and refusal criteria.
  • Material reception control
  • Material commissioning control
  • Quality control plan monitoring
  • Final tests
  • Production control test according to applicable regulations
  • Material pathologies
  • Construction system pathologies
  • Working groups with Public Administrations
  • Working groups with material manufacturers.


Metal structures must be designed to withstand vertical and horizontal actions, the same as concrete structures.

As a control laboratory we carry out destructive and non-destructive tests on built elements.

CEMOSA performs the metal structure control at on-site reception, on visits to the production workshop, during the assembly period, as well as periodic checks.

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