CEMOSA is aware of the importance of the railway in structuring the territory and improving transport, both passengers and goods, for the development of the country’s economic activity.
CEMOSA has participated in the development of the Spanish High-Speed network (geological-geotechnical studies, construction projects, control and monitoring of works, quality control audits …), and in the improvement of the conventional railway network operating conditions (information studies of new railway routes, track renovation projects, construction projects and control and monitoring of level crossing removal works …)

The services that CEMOSA can provide in the railway infrastructure sector cover all the needs of Public Administrations, Railway Operators, Concessionaires and Construction Companies, developing the necessary activities from the conception of a new railway line to its maintenance during operation.

For the development of the country's economic activity Railways

CEMOSA is aware of the importance of the railway in structuring the territory and improving transport

Civil protection and security facilities.
New Cercanías [commuter train] station.
Technical structuring of APM type transport system.
Drafting of Track Renovation construction project.
Technical assistance for viaduct weld control.
Project drafting in BIM methodology.


  • Preliminary studies
  • Feasibility studies
  • Information studies
  • Preliminary drafts
  • Basic projects
  • Tendering projects
  • Construction projects
  • Modified and complementary projects
  • Platform design
  • Track assembly and track apparatus
  • Track renovation design
  • Stations and halts
  • Interoperability
  • Removal of level crossings
  • Civil protection and safety actions in railway tunnels
  • Technical Assistance
  • Control and monitoring of works
  • Site management
  • Work file processing
  • Preparation of documentation for commissioning of railway lines
  • Customized monitoring and maintenance of railway infrastructures
  • Support, monitoring and coordination of expropriations on the line
  • Support and follow-up for restoring affected services
  • Geotechnical advice.
  • Geological and Geotechnical studies and reports.
  • Planning, supervision and execution of survey campaigns.
  • Special tests “in situ”.
  • Structural element and sounding instrumentation.
  • Geophysical tests.
  • Mining site prospections.
  • Health and Safety Studies.
  • Drafting and advice on security plans.
  • Coordination of Health and Safety in the project phase and work  execution.
  • Emergency plans (Self-Protection Manual RD393/2007)
  • Preventive information control and management
  • Business Activity Coordination (RD 171/04).
  • Specific reports on occupational risk prevention and health and safety.
  • Work quality control audits
  • Work quality plan monitoring and audits
  • Diagnosis and pathology
  • Specialized assistance in weld control in railway metal structures

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