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Drafting of project and works management for ``Interior Sanitation Network in the urban area of La Guancha``

  • Customer: Cabildo de Tenerife
  • Location: Spain
  • Start date: 2020
  • End date: 2021
  • Budget: 70.732,80€

CEMOSA' Services

  • Supervision of the drafting of the construction project.
  • Review and supervision of the final design.
  • Review and supervision of geotechnical studies.
  • Review and supervision of topographical works.
  • Review of mechanical and electrical equipment tests.
  • Quantitative and qualitative control during construction.
  • Construction supervision.
  • Health and safety coordination.
  • Technical advisory servicies.
  • Assistance to the owner in negotiations with the contractor.
  • Review and collaboration in the detailed engineering of the work.
  • Review, approval and monitoring of work programmes.
  • Monthly monitoring reports.
  • Specific technical reports.
  • Administrative and economic management of the works.
  • Review of final work documentation. Project “as built”.
  • Final reports.