Due to the privileged location of our central facilities in Málaga, practically since its foundation, CEMOSA has carried out geotechnical and material control works in the port of this city and in other ones along the Andalusian coast.

Over the last two decades our company has expanded its activity in this sector through our participation in consultancy contracts, as well as in engineering, technical assistance for works execution, health and safety coordination, marine research geotechnics, diagnosis in port buildings, quality control of works, etc.

This has led us to continue promoting the knowledge and development of works in the port sector, with the capacity for the engineering development of projects for marinas, and ports of a commercial, industrial, fishing, etc. nature, as well as the supervision and management for the construction of port works under PMP and BIM methodology, providing comprehensive project management where CEMOSA’s extensive experience in Quality Control, Health and Safety in different Spanish ports must be highlighted.

Development of work in the port sector

CEMOSA’s extensive experience in Quality Control, Health and Safety in different Spanish ports.


  • Technical and Financial Feasibility Analysis
  • Value Engineering
  • Preliminary Projects, Feasibility Studies
  • Basic and Constructive Engineering Designs
  • BIM Modelling
  • Marine Geotechnical Engineering
  • Environmental Management
  • Quality, Technical and Economic Management
  • Due Diligence
  • Works management, administration, control and supervision
  • Construction Health and Safety Consultancy
  • Diagnosis of Existing Buildings and Facilities
  • Terminal Designs, Port Buildings
  • Building Management and Supervision
  • Quality Control and Health and Safety Coordination
  • High specialization due to the complexity of the works developed.
  • Use of specific means, not necessary in land geotechnics, such as pontoons, support vessels, specific drilling material for large draughts, etc. for probing in sheltered port waters and open waters, required for the construction works project, such as docks, pontoons.
  • Specialized workers as well as the participation of skilled personnel in coordination with the corresponding port authority.
  • CEMOSA has the means and experience necessary for this type of work and has participated in geotechnical studies in ports such as Mallorca, Málaga, Alicante, Huelva, Algeciras and others, performing sounding on pontoon with draughts of over 30 metres and productions of more than 400 ml sounding.
  • Health and Safety Studies.
  • Drafting and advice on security plans.
  • Coordination of Health and Safety in the project phase and work execution.
  • Emergency plans (Self-Protection Manual RD393/2007)
  • Preventive information control and management.
  • Business Activity Coordination (RD 171/04).
  • Specific reports on occupational risk prevention and health and safety.
  • Project drafting assistance.
  • Work quality control.
  • Diagnosis and pathology.

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