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The building department has experience in many interventions in large building and urban development projects, in the residential, education, health, cultural, industrial, administrative and commercial sectors, providing the agents involved in the building process with a wide range of services that cover all aspects derived from the project, building, use and useful life of the building.


  • Project Management or Integrated Project Management
  • Project Control
  • Assistance in the Drafting of Projects
  • Technical Assistance to Works Management
  • Execution control in the different work phases
    • Foundation and structure
    • Secondary works and finishes
    • Facilities
    • Acoustics
    • Energy efficiency
  • Facilities service and operating tests.
  • Management of the construction delivery, commissioning and handover.
  • After-Sales Assistance.

CEMOSA is a Building Quality Control Body registered in the CTE (Technical Building Code) register in 2010, complying with the guidelines set out in Royal Decree 410/2010 of 31 March, which establishes, for buildings, the content of the actions to be carried out to guarantee the Building Quality Control.
CEMOSA develops its work in the phases of project control, works execution control and control of the actions to be carried out for the building maintenance, as well as in the fields of land surveying and the building’s state of conservation, verification of compliance with the Technical Building Code (CTE) and other applicable regulations, in new buildings or in the rehabilitation thereof, evaluation of the building’s performance throughout its useful life to verify compliance with each of the basic CTE requirements and other applicable regulations, supervision of the buildings’ energy certification and the buildings’ sustainability performance assessment, functional and spatial.

Since 2000, and recognized by major insurance companies, CEMOSA develops this activity from the entry into force of Law 35/1999 on Building Planning (LOE), which establishes, for residential buildings, the developer’s obligation to take out an insurance policy covering the material damage caused to the building by non-compliance with habitability conditions or that affect the structural safety in the term of three and ten years, respectively. CEMOSA makes the necessary reports to make this system of guarantees feasible, required by insurers to know the risk.

  • Study of the conditions of habitability, safety and durability of buildings.
  • Study of damages and defects in constructions, analysing their possible causes and recommendations for action.
  • Reinforcement project.
  • Building diagnosis and feasibility studies.
  • Load Testing.
  • On-site testing:
    • Wall transmittance.
    • Airtightness of buildings (Blower Door Test)
    • Thermography
  • Building energy rating.
  • Energy efficiency certificates.
  • Acoustic studies.
  • Measurement of sound and insulation levels, reverberation, impact, etc.
  • Acoustic reports.


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