CEMOSA, aware of the current importance of national, European and international policies concerning the environment and water, provides a series of services that cover the development of these policies.
The optimum conduct of environmental policies generates substantial benefits, since the quality of life and the environment itself are improved, but at the same time they represent a technical challenge for which it is necessary to combine innovation and knowledge.

The Water Engineering services provided by CEMOSA include activities in:

Development of
environmental policies

Integral water cycle

CEMOSA offers engineering services in every phase making up the Integral Water Cycle, which goes from the catchment and habilitation of the resource through purification or desalination, to its return to the watercourse or reuse within the required quality parameters.

Our services include consultancy, planning, basic designs and drafts, construction and detailed designs, work control and supervision, site management, purchase management, diagnosis and support during execution, control of start-up and operation, control of yields and consumption, compliance with discharge/quality parameters.

  • Catchment and purification
  • Desalination
  • Distribution networks
  • Sanitation systems
  • Urban and industrial wastewater treatment
  • Tertiary treatments and reclaimed water production
  • Reclaimed water reuse networks

Hydraulic engineering

CEMOSA develops one of its engineering branches engaged in hydraulic engineering, carrying out projects in different structures.

  • Channelling works site management and project
  • Defence works site management and project
  • Hydrological and flood studies
  • Environmental improvement work on riverbank site management and project.
  • Road and railway drainage study
  • River erosion in bridges study
  • Public domain management: Hydraulic Public Domain Delimitation (HPD)

Port engineering

  • Projects, technical assistance, quality control and Site Management of Marinas, Maritime, River, Fishing, Industrial and Commercial Ports.
  • Projects, technical assistance and Site Management for Dikes and Dredging.
  • Projects, technical assistance and Site Management of coastal and beach regeneration, and coastline restoration.
  • Design, supervision and management of submarine outfall projects.
  • Delimitation and processing of the inland maritime-fluvial public domain.
  • Quality Control and Marine/River Geotechnics

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