CEMOSA develops all kinds of consultancy services required for road planning, project and execution. Our work scope covers local, provincial, regional, state and international road networks, both conventional roads and express or state-of-the-art roads such as highways or motorways.

We have experience from the initial phases of infrastructure conception, information studies and preliminary projects, to the phases of conceptual design, layout projects and executive design such as construction projects. CEMOSA has specialists in all main areas, from traffic, topography, geotechnics, layout, paving, drainage, structures, installations, signage and road safety, waste management, environment, etc.

CEMOSA has proven experience in the monitoring and control of works, both in terms of Technical Assistance and Site Management, technical assistance specializing in tunnels or structures, works in which we apply cutting-edge digitalization technologies, applying BIM technology and instant monitoring of the works. We also have experience in the preparation of operating and maintenance manuals.

CEMOSA’s clients in the road sector are mainly public administrations at national, regional and local level: ministries, government departments, provincial councils and local councils, as well as national and international building companies and concessionaires.

TA and Control and monitoring works of Remodelling of Benalmádena junction
Augmented Reality in Technical Assistance
Performance of TA using BIM methodology

Road planning, projects and executions.

Our work covers conventional roads, highways or motorways, both nationally or internationally.


  • Information studies
  • Preliminary designs
  • Preliminary drafts of international tenders
  • Drafting of layout projects
  • Drafting of construction projects
  • Specific studies (traffic, drainage, paving, structures, road safety)
  • Topographic surveys using both conventional means and drones
  • Reports and videos of aerial tracking by drones.
  • Geotechnical studies
  • Traffic studies
  • Road surface and paving pathology studies
  • Hydrological and drainage studies
  • Structure monitoring
  • Earth work settlement monitoring
  • Design and redesign of surfaces
  • Studies and redesigns of road layout
  • Design and calculation of structures
  • Signage design
  • Conventional road design
  • Design of highways and motorways
  • Link modification design
  • Access design
  • Assistance in bidding processes
  • Work Technical Assistance
  • Site Management
  • Work control and monitoring
  • Compliance with local and international regulations
  • Management of affected services
  • Risk Management
  • Environmental monitoring
  • Quality monitoring and audits
  • Drafting of modified/complementary projects
  • Commissioning documentation
  • Projects built in this way
  • Geotechnical advice.
  • Geological and Geotechnical studies and reports.
  • Planning, supervision and execution of survey campaigns.
  •  Special tests “in situ”.
  •  Structural element and sounding instrumentation.
  •  Geophysical tests.
  •  Mining site prospections.
  • Health and Safety Studies.
  • Drafting and advice on security plans.
  •  Coordination of Health and Safety in the project phase and work execution.
  • Emergency plans (Self-Protection Manual RD393/2007)
  • Preventive information control and management.
  • Business Activity Coordination (RD 171/04).
  • Specific reports on occupational risk prevention and health and safety.
  • Project drafting assistance.
  • Work quality control.
  • Diagnosis and pathology.
  • Environmental impact assessments
  • Waste management plan
  • Environmental monitoring of works
  • Environmental management

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