Sustainability and Energy Efficiency


Sustainability and Energy Efficiency


CEMOSA is an environmentally-committed company, in its activity contributing to the 2030 Agenda and the Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs). Among the latter, CEMOSA engages in activities involving several SDGs of great impact such as:

  • Water and sanitation: integrated management of the water cycle and efficient use of water resources.
  • Affordable and non-polluting energy: renewable energy and energy efficiency projects.
  • Sustainable and resilient infrastructures, with low impact on the Environment.
  • Sustainable cities: clean public transport, waste management, sustainable and resilient buildings.

Sustainability and energy efficiency
We committed to the environment

Sustainability and energy efficiency services

CEMOSA develops various services in the field of Sustainability and Energy Efficiency, within its Building area, which respond to the needs demanded by society due to climate change, regulatory obligations (such as RD 56/2016 on Energy Audits or RD 390/2021 on Energy Certification), the management of subsidies, and the incorporation in rehabilitation projects of an important energy efficiency component for compliance with the Technical Building Code. As a result, the main services that CEMOSA develops in this field are:

  • Light Audit for compliance with RD 56/2016 according to UNE-EN 16247 standard.
  • Detailed Audit for compliance with RD 56/2016 with measurements of energy parameters in situ and IFC / BIM building modelling.
  • Public lighting audit.
  • Comprehensive Audit based on the Detailed Audit with the possibility of implementing real-time monitoring of environmental and consumption conditions, energy management, digital twin and BIM modelling.
  • Industry Audit.
  • Audit in Renewable Energy production facilities.
  • Transport audit.
  • Report accrediting the adequate performance of the subsidized actions as a Building Quality Control Entity.
  • Verification of the saving measures implemented in the enclosure and in the facilities by carrying out an on-site control, by blower-door, thermography, network analysers, …
  • External control of energy efficiency certificates.
  • Cost/benefit analysis of energy efficiency investment.
  • Expert reports to verify energy efficiency in buildings according to UNE-EN 16247.
  • Management to obtain LEED or BREEAM certification.
  • Energy efficiency certificates in buildings
  • Advice on and management of public subsidies in the energy efficiency and sustainable development field.
  • Advice on obtaining ISO 50001 Energy Management System Certification.
  • Carbon footprint analysis.
  • Energy consumption diagnosis for an installation or building
  • Telemetry and energy management
  • Renovation projects in order to achieve significant energy savings.
  • Nearly Zero Energy Building (NZEB) projects


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