Our History


Our History

CEMOSA was founded in 1972 under the trade name “Centro de Estudios de Materiales y Control de obra, SA”. We are a company specialising in engineering services and quality control in the field of construction, where we have been encouraging knowledge, innovation and technology since our beginnings, always with quality and business responsibility as a goal in all our activities.

CEMOSA offers services in the following areas: Engineering, Geotechnics, Building, Health and Safety, Materials Control, Certification / CE Marking and R&D&I.

In 2009, with more than 35 years of experience in the field, we were recognised as a Notified Body for the granting of CE Marking for certain construction products.

5 decades of History


1972 CEMOSA is born under the name: “Centro de Estudios de Materiales y Control de Obra, S.A.”. CEMOSA was built in 1972 in Malaga, and from the very beginning, the area of quality control was created, followed immediately by the area of Geotechnics.

1974 The first office outside Malaga was created, in Granada. Two years after the constitution of CEMOSA, the first office outside the province of Malaga was created in Granada.

1980🡪 The area of Civil Engineering (Linear Works) is created. One of CEMOSA’s most important objectives since its foundation has been to grow, innovate and provide new services to clients and society with the best possible quality and responsibility. For this reason, in 1980 the Engineering area was created, which is structured in two departments: Projects and Works Management.


1989🡪 New headquarters in Malaga. In 1989, CEMOSA Malaga’s facilities were badly affected by the floods of that year and a new headquarters was built.

1991 – 2000

1992🡪 Creation of the Building area.


1997🡪 Incorporation of the Aeronautical Engineering line.


2000🡪 CEMOSA is recognised as a “Technical Control Body”. As a consequence of the approval of the 1999 Building Law, CEMOSA is recognised as a “Technical Control Body” . This new task falls under the responsibility of the Building Department.


2001🡪 Territorial expansion outside Andalusia. It was decided to expand outside Andalusia by creating new offices in Madrid and Valladolid.

2002🡪 Opening of facilities in the PTM and creation of the delegation in Cordoba. Facilities are opened in the Malaga Technology Park to house the Engineering area. In addition, the Cordoba office was created.


2003 🡪 New lines of business. In 2003, apart from creating an office in Badajoz, CEMOSA once again opted for diversification by creating two new areas: Health and Safety and Quality Consultancy. Moreover, the Building Department incorporates Integrated Project Management into its business lines.

2004 🡪 CE Market. CEMOSA begins to certify construction products with CE Market.  In addition, new facilities were inaugurated in Malaga next to the Central building in C/Benaque and CEMOSA branches were created in Ciudad Real and Alicante.

2006🡪 The Huelva office was set up

2007🡪 Creation of the R&D&I Department.

2010🡪 Building Area. A new building service was implemented: Building Quality Control Entity.


2011🡪 Implementation of SAP and international expansion. The company begins its international expansion. CEMOSA makes the leap to Latin America, setting up offices in Brazil and Panama.

2016🡪 The first BIM projects are completed.

Present day.

Present day

In recent years we have focused our activity both in the Spanish market and in those Latin American countries that present interesting opportunities for our business. In the Spanish market we have consolidated our position as a highly specialised multidisciplinary services engineering company. In the international market, engineering projects stand out.

Certified and Accredited

CEMOSA has accreditations and certifications to consolidate and support its prestige and quality of service in all of its projects.

  • Management Systems
  • Testing Laboratories for Quality Control
  • Quality Control entity for buildings constructions
  • ENAC Accreditations
  • Notified Body no. 1377
  • Laboratory Control Agency (381/LE679)
  • Technical Control Agency (OCT)

+50 Years founded

Providing Value and Social Responsibility

following our company philosophy

Social Responsibility




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