FIDIC Project Awards 2022

FIDIC has announced the shortlist for its prestigious Project Awards for 2022.

The Wiwilí Bridge over River Coco in Nicaragua has been preselected for this FIDIC awards.

Wiwilí Bridge is a strategic roadway connection between the Central and Northern regions of Nicaragua. It provides a new and reliable transportation infrastructure to more than 200,000 inhabitants.

Wiwili Bridge is the second longest bridge in Nicaragua.Congratulations CEMOSA and TYPSA for this great work!

A list of all the shortlisted projects is available on the FIDIC website here:

CEMOSA renews its UNE166002 certificate

CEMOSA has renewed its R&D&I Management System.

Once the follow-up audit has been performed and after the evaluation process, AENOR certifies the compliance of our R&D&I Management System, according to the UNE 166002:2014 standard. This year, the scope of the certificate has been extended as a result of new developments carried out by our team.

AENOR certifies CEMOSA for Research, Development and Innovation activities in:

  • Digitisation and Data Analysis: Digital Twin, condition assessment and forecasting, aspects related to user behaviour and user experience.
  • Transport Infrastructures and Mobility: Design, construction, operation, maintenance, decommissioning oriented towards an enhanced resilience of transport systems.
  • Energy and Buildings: Control systems and energy efficiency, smart grids and smart cities, energy communities.
  • Materials and Circularity: Materials technologies, environmental technologies and sustainability assessment.

The smart grid “ebalance_plus” project partners meet in Malaga, Spain.

ebalance_plus is an R&D project for the increase energy flexibility and resilience in electricity distribution networks, funded by the H2020 programme, which started in February 2020.

After more than two years with online meetings, finally, last week, all consortium partners came together again physically in Malaga, Spain.

From 26th to 29th April, the University of Malaga (UMA) and CEMOSA, as project coordinator, hosted more than 30 researchers from all over Europe to advance the project, with:

1) UMA technical visits

2) discussions to implement ebalance-plus platform

3) workshops on the business model

4) working groups on the use cases to define the implementation of the prototype

Visit the official ebalance_plus project website to learn more about energy flexibility!

New Road Network (5G) at “Valle del Cauca”

Last August, the Consorcium “Autopista del Caribe”, formed by CEMOSA COLOMBIA, VQ Ingeniería S.A.S. and ICOEM Colombia S.A.S., was awarded the comprehensive audit for the concession contract for the new road network Project of Valle del Cauca that will connect through this corridor with the Cali and Palmira accesses, being the first 5G road in Colombia.

The initiative will benefit more than 3.300.000 habitants from 17 different municipalities in the departments of Cauca and Valle del Cauca.

At CEMOSA COLOMBIA, we remain committed to the development of the country’s infrastructure, which is why we actively participate, promoting the connection between regions and the urban development of our cities.

1st Iberoamerican ‘ELTs of Asphalt Mixes’ Meeting

Don’t forget to attend tomorrow to the 1st NFU Iberoamerican Meeting ELT (end-of-life tyres) aspahlt mixtures!

Our Quality Control Manager, Mr. Manuel Salas, will give a presentation on the Technical Specifications of Asphalt Mixes with ELT, and will propose the drafting of an Iberoamerican regulation for this type of materials, considering their durability and sustainability.

The meeting will take place tomorrow, March 16, from 10:00 AM Argentinean time, through the ZOOM platform.

The meeting organized by the Engineer Gerardo Botasso.

Digital transformation: An opportunity to reinvent ourselves.

As in many other industries, the construction sector is being impacted by digitalization and new technologies. In recent years, the development of digitalization in processes and advanced data analysis have meant companies need to adapt to a new work environment. On the other hand, the COVID-19 crisis has accelerated this process, both in mitigating labour restrictions and advancing new forms of work.

What is digital transformation?

Digital transformation is the integration of digital technology into all areas of a business and requires fundamental changes in the field of technology, culture, operations and value delivery. To make the best use of emerging technologies, companies must reinvent themselves and radically transform all their processes and models. It also involves shedding legacy technology, which can be costly to maintain, and modifying corporate culture in order to support the progress brought about by digital transformation. Companies that are open to change and which adapt to a new more agile model will more likely obtain greater corporate success.

Adapting to customers’ new needs and offering a quality solution is one of the main goals of digital transformation.

Why opt for digital transformation?

As a result of the great technological advances we are experiencing, companies are replacing their traditional interactions with digital experiences. Transformation frequently occurs, not because companies choose to transform, but because if they fail to adapt to the new needs demanded by customers and offer a quality solution, organizations seem destined to failure.

On the other hand, those that are open to the changing environment and adapt to a more agile model are more likely to have greater success. This is because digital transformation basically consists of taking into account all aspects of a company, and figuring out how to update them so they evolve in step with technology.

Digitalization offers the following advantages:

  • Improve processes: new technology implementation allows for the automation of simpler processes and the elimination of intermediaries in more complex ones. This allows the company to increase its agility and use its human capital more efficiently.
  • Discover new services: through emerging technologies, new ways of business can arise. It is important to identify such opportunities and take action.
  • Create more personalized and engaging experiences for customers: today’s customers are very demanding and expect companies to listen to them and meet their specific needs. Technology has evolved to adapt to this specific objective.

To make the most of digital data, it is necessary to adopt technologies as they become available, try them out, and use the results obtained to adapt better and look to the future. Although incorporating technology can be very costly, the reward can be much greater.

It is undeniable that companies, employees and consumers have changed the way they act. The customer seeks to be more connected, interact more and trust the brand enhancing loyalty. Therefore, employees and companies change technologically and culturally to adapt to new customer demands.

Digital transformation has to do with the value of services, improving the business model, innovation, differentiation and strengths.

How to develop a digital transformation plan

A series of steps must be taken to develop a digital transformation plan to completely transform the company so it can achieve all its objectives.

In the analysis stage, an X-ray is made of the company in order to know the actual status from which an action plan will emerge towards the objective proposed by the digital transformation.

In the action stage, the objectives that will lead to the specific actions to be implemented and monitored are set out. Do not hesitate to seek professional help to ensure the success of your investment.

The industry, therefore, is entering the Fourth Industrial Revolution, so technologies 4.0 such as Data Analysis, Artificial Intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT) and Digital Twin are the main core in CEMOSA’s digital transformation plan.

CEMOSA’s Digital Transformation

At a strategic level, CEMOSA is positioned in R&D projects such as OMICRON ‘Towards a more automated and optimised maintenance, renewal and upgrade of roads by means of robotised technologies and intelligent decision support tools’  and AICREDITS ‘Artificial Intelligence for Extended Energy Audits’  which are based on using technology to offer new services increasing the user and customer experience, thus consolidating the commitment to the future and in the long term.

At the productive level, CEMOSA has shown determination in its commitment to digitalization by integrating BIM methodology not only in its engineering, but it also develops and uses its own BIM tools in the laboratory for controlling materials and geotechnical characterization.

Consequently, CEMOSA is without any doubt committed to leading this change and being a benchmark in the construction sector, since it has the technology, resources and capabilities to address digital transformation and make it a fundamental competitive advantage in the coming years.

Expansion of the South Area of Seville Airport

The Seville Airport South Area Expansion has recently been opened to the public.

As an example of our multidisciplinary character, CEMOSA has provided a wide range of services in this great infrastructure project, carrying out:

  • Architectural Design.
  • Basic and Construction Project.
  • Site and Project Management.
  • Health and Safety Coordination.
  • Contrast testing.
  • Topography.

Some of these services, in joint venture with our friends from Inse Rail S.L.

The new south area has 7,565 square meters divided into two floors, with different service and rest areas, as well as three restaurants, stores, work areas and exhibition spaces.

One of the objectives of this major project is for San Pablo Airport (Seville) to serve more than 10 million passengers, a figure that far exceeds the record numbers for 2019.

This work represents a 42% increase in the surface area of the terminal building. It also has a total of 19 boarding gates, including the domestic flights and international Schengen flights.

Click here to know more about the project:

New Photovoltaic Plant (100 MW) in Magdalena, Colombia.

At CEMOSA COLOMBIA, we remain committed to actively participate in the Energy Transition of the country.

As evidence of this, we have signed our first Renewable Energy contract for the Design and Detailed Engineering of the Project ‘Fundación del Verano Solar’, a Photovoltaic Plant with a capacity of 100MW, located in the Department of Magdalena.

The Project will start next year 2023, and it is integrated by Enel Green Power (Colombia), Eiffage Energía, UPME, Ministerio de Minas y Energía and Expo Solar.

CEMOSA will develop Energy Audit services in the buildings of the Andalusian Regional Government

CEMOSA signs a Framework Agreement with Junta de Andalucía (Andalusian Regional Government) to develop the Energy Audit services in the properties of all the Andalusian provinces with which the Administration of the Junta de Andalucía and its instrumental entities have access.

CEMOSA is approved in the six lots of the Framework Agreement for an estimated value of € 6,576,274.86 to be developed in two years.

This agreement is part of the activities that CEMOSA’s Sustainability and Energy Efficiency area has been developing for public and private clients, as well as in R&D projects financed with European funds, thus contributing to the reduction of energy consumption from buildings and greenhouse gas emissions.

We are committed to Energy Efficiency and Sustainability!

CEMOSA celebrates its first 50 years!

This year 2022 is really special for us! We are celebrating the 50th anniversary of  CEMOSA´s foundation.

Founded in 1972, in Málaga (Spain), it currently has offices throughout Spain, as well as a presence in 13 other countries, offering our experience in multiple sectors of activity.

The CEMOSA team are thankful you all for the trust, confidence and support we have received in our first 50 years.

We would also like to thank the more than 1,000 professionals who currently make up our staff and give their all to achieve our common goal: to optimise the process of planning, construction, operation and maintenance of infrastructures that improve the quality of life of our fellow citizens and future generations.

Thank all of you for being part of these great 50 years of history, we look forward to share at least 50 more years with you!