1st Iberoamerican ‘ELTs of Asphalt Mixes’ Meeting

Don’t forget to attend tomorrow to the 1st NFU Iberoamerican Meeting ELT (end-of-life tyres) aspahlt mixtures!

Our Quality Control Manager, Mr. Manuel Salas, will give a presentation on the Technical Specifications of Asphalt Mixes with ELT, and will propose the drafting of an Iberoamerican regulation for this type of materials, considering their durability and sustainability.

The meeting will take place tomorrow, March 16, from 10:00 AM Argentinean time, through the ZOOM platform.

The meeting organized by the Engineer Gerardo Botasso.

Expansion of the South Area of Seville Airport

The Seville Airport South Area Expansion has recently been opened to the public.

As an example of our multidisciplinary character, CEMOSA has provided a wide range of services in this great infrastructure project, carrying out:

  • Architectural Design.
  • Basic and Construction Project.
  • Site and Project Management.
  • Health and Safety Coordination.
  • Contrast testing.
  • Topography.

Some of these services, in joint venture with our friends from Inse Rail S.L.

The new south area has 7,565 square meters divided into two floors, with different service and rest areas, as well as three restaurants, stores, work areas and exhibition spaces.

One of the objectives of this major project is for San Pablo Airport (Seville) to serve more than 10 million passengers, a figure that far exceeds the record numbers for 2019.

This work represents a 42% increase in the surface area of the terminal building. It also has a total of 19 boarding gates, including the domestic flights and international Schengen flights.

Click here to know more about the project: https://youtu.be/5vg2mD28tmk

CEMOSA will develop Energy Audit services in the buildings of the Andalusian Regional Government

CEMOSA signs a Framework Agreement with Junta de Andalucía (Andalusian Regional Government) to develop the Energy Audit services in the properties of all the Andalusian provinces with which the Administration of the Junta de Andalucía and its instrumental entities have access.

CEMOSA is approved in the six lots of the Framework Agreement for an estimated value of € 6,576,274.86 to be developed in two years.

This agreement is part of the activities that CEMOSA’s Sustainability and Energy Efficiency area has been developing for public and private clients, as well as in R&D projects financed with European funds, thus contributing to the reduction of energy consumption from buildings and greenhouse gas emissions.

We are committed to Energy Efficiency and Sustainability!

CEMOSA continues to grow as Owner Engineering, now in Castilla y León (Spain)

Continuing on the development of photovoltaic energy, Castilla y León will carry out the construction of Virgen de Areños III Photovoltaic Plant, whose Facultative Management has been awarded to CEMOSA.

Virgen de Areños III Photovoltaic Plant will be in the municipality of Villota del Páramo (Palencia) and has a power of 50 MW, which will be achieved from the installation of more than 90,000 photovoltaic panels.

Virgen de Areños III Photovoltaic Project also includes the construction of a plant ST that has a 400/30/30 kV transformer of 125 MVA. The new 400 kV ST FV Virgen de Areños III – ST Carrión Renovables line, with a length of 22.1 km, will allow the evacuation of the energy generated by the plant to ST Carrión Renovables. This new line will have a first single section of approximately 12.1 km and a second double circuit section with a length of 10 km, which will be shared by the future FV Velilla 350 MWdc) that will also be built by Iberdrola Renovables.
The future ST Carrión Renewables will be a collector and measurement of the border point. From this ST to REE’s ST Velilla 400 kV is reached via a new 400 kV overhead line of approximately 0.25km.

CEMOSA, in its position of Owner Engineering, will be responsible for monitoring the correct performance of civil works, mechanical and electrical assembly by the Contractors, in addition to the supervision in supply management, collection and assembly of the different equipment and commissioning, Quality Supervision, Environment and Health & Safety. Activities carried out both in the photovoltaic plant and for its evacuation infrastructure (substation and transmission line).

CEMOSA continues to bet on the strength and impulse of Renewable Energies, now through the construction of the Photovoltaic Plant that will begin the first quarter of this 2022.

The growth of CEMOSA on the photovoltaic business continues.

Technical Assistance to the Construction Management on the AP-46 Highway

We are very proud of the great work of Technical Assistance to the Construction Management of our team of Engineering and Health & Safety Coordinators in the works of the new links with the AP-46 highway in Malaga (Spain).

The new links between the MA-20 motorway and the AP-46, into operation since a couple of weeks ago, have required the construction of an overpass over the MA-20 motorway and two viaducts of 128 metres (for each of the 2 branches parallel to the existing viaduct).

The project was executed in a record-breaking time of six months.

Training agreement with USMA and Fundación Ciudad del Saber

CEMOSA signs training agreement with the Universidad Católica Santa María La Antigua (USMA) and the Fundación Ciudad del Saber.

The Rector Francisco Blanco signed an agreement with Dr. Jorge Arosemena, Chief Executive of the Fundación Ciudad del Saber, and Eng. Manuel Reyes, Manager for Central America of CEMOSA.

USMA and these organisations are committed to establish links and create the basis for cooperation between the academic subject areas they have in common.

From left to right: Francisco Blanco, Jorge Arosemena and Manuel Reyes.

Award Ceremony for the Best Local Engineering Work in Andalusia 2021

The Demarcation of Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla of the Professional Association of Civil Engineers (Colegio de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos) awards the Prize for the Best Local Engineering Work in Andalusia 2021 to the work: ‘Replacement of the high-water conduction gallery in the municipality of Huesa’.

I Prize of Engineering Work in Andalusia 2021

On Tuesday 23rd November, the award ceremony took place in the Aula de Cultura of the Palacio Provincial, in the capital of Jaen, to all those involved in the winning work. The award was collected by CEMOSA:

  • Francisco Medina Martin, Office Manager of CEMOSA Jaén.
  • Silvia Diaz Roldan, Geotechnical Manager at CEMOSA Jaén.
  • Juan David Esteban Molina on behalf of Ainhoa Rebollo Garcia, Health&Safety Coordinator at CEMOSA Jaén.
  • Juan Antonio Garcia Medrano, Quality Control Manager at CEMOSA Jaén.

CEMOSA, with more than 30 years of experience in the province of Jaén, “it has been committed to improve the productive framework of the province, collaborating in local and provincial development, and resulting in more than 10,000 actions”, said Francisco Medina Martín during his speech.

We would like to congratulate all the actors who have participated in the success of this project: Jaén Regional Government, the Technical Team, Huesa Municipality, Barranco de La Canal Irrigation Community, MIPELSA (Construction Company), Ramón Luis Carpena Morales (Project Manager), Alfonso Rivillas Espino (Site Manager), but with special affection, we congratulate our office of CEMOSA Jaén for a job well done.

Congratulations on this award!

Premio al “atrevimiento y al ingenio técnico” para la Galería de Conducción de agua en Alta de Huesa, Mejor Actuación de Ingeniería de Ámbito Local en Andalucía