CEMOSA celebrates its first 50 years!

This year 2022 is really special for us! We are celebrating the 50th anniversary of  CEMOSA´s foundation.

Founded in 1972, in Málaga (Spain), it currently has offices throughout Spain, as well as a presence in 13 other countries, offering our experience in multiple sectors of activity.

The CEMOSA team are thankful you all for the trust, confidence and support we have received in our first 50 years.

We would also like to thank the more than 1,000 professionals who currently make up our staff and give their all to achieve our common goal: to optimise the process of planning, construction, operation and maintenance of infrastructures that improve the quality of life of our fellow citizens and future generations.

Thank all of you for being part of these great 50 years of history, we look forward to share at least 50 more years with you!

Training agreement with USMA and Fundación Ciudad del Saber

CEMOSA signs training agreement with the Universidad Católica Santa María La Antigua (USMA) and the Fundación Ciudad del Saber.

The Rector Francisco Blanco signed an agreement with Dr. Jorge Arosemena, Chief Executive of the Fundación Ciudad del Saber, and Eng. Manuel Reyes, Manager for Central America of CEMOSA.

USMA and these organisations are committed to establish links and create the basis for cooperation between the academic subject areas they have in common.

From left to right: Francisco Blanco, Jorge Arosemena and Manuel Reyes.

CEMOSA participates in the III Forum AEHCOS

The Asociación de Empresarios Hoteleros de la Costa del Sol (AEHCOS) is constituted as the non-profit organization for the management, representation, promotion and defense of the interests of the associated entrepreneurs and their companies in the province of Malaga.

Since its foundation in 1977, AEHCOS has been a key player in the history of Andalusian tourism and has played a leading role in the main events that have shaped the Malaga industry. Its members are hotels, tourist apartments, hostels, as well as more than 40 national and international hotel chains.

CEMOSA is part of the more than 80 partner companies that support the work of the association in pursuit of continuous improvement of the Costa del Sol destination, providing as a multidisciplinary company its extensive experience in Engineering, Construction, Materials quality control, Geotechnics, Health & Safety and Certification. Some of the Building Services in hotels are:

  • Project management of refurbishment for hotel complexes.
  • Energy audit and certification
  • Pathologies
  • Carbon footprint calculation

The III Forum AEHCOS “Direct Sales & Positioning – Keys to Hotel Success” was held on 23rd November, bringing together the sector with the aim of addressing marketing strategies and improving the positioning of establishments.

Photocall III Forum. Source: AEHCOS

This time, CEMOSA had the opportunity to collaborate in the event by calculating the carbon footprint associated with it.

The methodology followed for the calculation of Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions is based on the UNE 14064 standard, considering the following accounting and reporting principles: relevance, completeness, consistency, accuracy and transparency.

The result of the calculation of GHG emissions associated with the event was 786.85 kg CO2, of which approximately 90% corresponds to travel/transport.
A growing number of organisations and companies are committed to the fight against climate change, calculating their carbon footprint, developing reduction plans and offsetting their emissions with carbon sink projects.

CEMOSA works for a more sustainable world, for a better world.

You can download the Carbon Footprint Report of the III Forum AEHCOS performed by CEMOSA here.

Award Ceremony for the Best Local Engineering Work in Andalusia 2021

The Demarcation of Andalusia, Ceuta and Melilla of the Professional Association of Civil Engineers (Colegio de Ingenieros de Caminos, Canales y Puertos) awards the Prize for the Best Local Engineering Work in Andalusia 2021 to the work: ‘Replacement of the high-water conduction gallery in the municipality of Huesa’.

I Prize of Engineering Work in Andalusia 2021

On Tuesday 23rd November, the award ceremony took place in the Aula de Cultura of the Palacio Provincial, in the capital of Jaen, to all those involved in the winning work. The award was collected by CEMOSA:

  • Francisco Medina Martin, Office Manager of CEMOSA Jaén.
  • Silvia Diaz Roldan, Geotechnical Manager at CEMOSA Jaén.
  • Juan David Esteban Molina on behalf of Ainhoa Rebollo Garcia, Health&Safety Coordinator at CEMOSA Jaén.
  • Juan Antonio Garcia Medrano, Quality Control Manager at CEMOSA Jaén.

CEMOSA, with more than 30 years of experience in the province of Jaén, “it has been committed to improve the productive framework of the province, collaborating in local and provincial development, and resulting in more than 10,000 actions”, said Francisco Medina Martín during his speech.

We would like to congratulate all the actors who have participated in the success of this project: Jaén Regional Government, the Technical Team, Huesa Municipality, Barranco de La Canal Irrigation Community, MIPELSA (Construction Company), Ramón Luis Carpena Morales (Project Manager), Alfonso Rivillas Espino (Site Manager), but with special affection, we congratulate our office of CEMOSA Jaén for a job well done.

Congratulations on this award!

Premio al “atrevimiento y al ingenio técnico” para la Galería de Conducción de agua en Alta de Huesa, Mejor Actuación de Ingeniería de Ámbito Local en Andalucía