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AICREDITS: Artificial Intelligence for Extended Energy Audits

  • Start date: 01/04/2021
  • End Date: 31/03/2024
  • Budget: 917.487€

Funding programme:

CDTI (Centre for Industrial Technology Development, Spanish Government)


AICREDITS aims at taking advantage of the increasingly availability of data in the building sector and use artificial intelligence (AI) to enhance energy audits. Building energy audits are the first step towards high energy efficiency but they present some drawbacks to be overcomen such as time-consuming planning, uncertainty about the costs and value of the planned measures, lack of energy users awareness and lack of continuous commissioning consideration.

The project will use expert systems to develop an AI-based platform for advanced and continuous energy audits. The new system will automate, speed up, learn from data and increase the reliability of energy analysis. It will propose continuous energy conservation measures for the refurbishing and use of the buildings in real time, increasing the energy saving opportunities as well as the users´ awareness and acceptance. The use of AI for energy audits is novel and it is an approach that is not yet available in the market.

Three new products for energy services/consultancy will be developed: 1) the automatic data adquisition system, 2) the as-built energy evaluation tool to support engineers to identify more accurate energy conservation measures in energy building refurbishment, 3) the digital twin report system to support building users and facility managers to operate the building with high energy efficiency.

CEMOSA develops the full project.