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IAM4RAIL: Holistic and Integrated Asset Management for Europe’s RAIL System

  • Start date: 01/12/2022
  • End date: 30/11/2026
  • Budget: 46,225,689.31 €

Funding programme:

Europe´s Rail Joint Undertaking from Horizon Europe programme


The IAM4RAIL project focuses on seven different integrated demonstrators for rail assets which are key for Research and Innovation (R&I) in the rail sector.

Integrating asset condition information obtained via advanced monitoring with decision-making tools and into the traffic management system (TMS), combining available information with artificial intelligence (AI) and digital twins are covered as key topics for R&I in IAM4RAIL. Other topics such as interventions using cutting-edge technologies as robotics or additive manufacturing are seen as relevant for improving asset management in the rail sector. An European cross-border, interoperable and holistic integrated approach is needed for those topics and others in the asset management framework, that are to be transferred once developed to harmonise European Rail System.

Therefore, IAM4RAIL aims to reinforce the next generation of Intelligent and Integrated Rail Asset Management providing and demonstrating innovative solutions covering fixed and rolling stock assets, minimizing the life cycle costs of assets and extend their lifetime, while meeting safety requirements and improving the reliability, availability and maintainability of the rail system. IAM4RAIL will pave the way for the integration of asset condition information and TMS, enabling optimization of train routing decisions and improving the overall lifecycle of monitored assets.

Thereby, IAM4RAIL ensures:

  • An increased volume of rail traffic in existing lines.
  • Improved cost efficiency and lower CO2 emissions from maintenance and operations.
  • Lower construction times and costs of new assets and lines.
  • Increased durability and reliability of assets.
  • Optimised life-cycle costs.

The competitiveness of the European railway industry will be strengthened through the obtention of more qualified products, and their application will improve the performance (in terms of capacity, flexibility and punctuality) of the whole railway system.


CEMOSA works on the implementation and demonstration of intelligent maintenance tools for civil engineering asset management. More specifically, CEMOSA works on two demonstrators.

  1. Bridges and Earthworks assets management aided by geotechnics.

CEMOSA works on the integration of data from multiple sources, including historical data, satellite information, geotechnical information and IoT monitoring information. This baseline enables the development of analytics and algorithms for predictive maintenance,

using ML and addressing both earthworks and bridges. CEMOSA aims to develop asset management platforms for bridges and earthworks addressing relevant asset pathologies.

This demonstrator is performed in partnership with Adif.

  1. Multiscale monitoring of civil assets.

CEMOSA employs an indicator-based methodology to assess the resilience of a set of infrastructure assets and propose measures to enhance the resilience of the system.

This demonstrator is performed in partnership with the FSI group.