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SARIL: Sustainability And Resilience for Infrastructure and Logistics networks

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  • Start date: 01/06/2023
  • End date: 31/05/2026
  • Budget: 3.980.007,50 €

Funding programme:

Horizon Europe Research and Innovation Progamme of the European Union


SARIL Project aims to complement the classic definition of resilience (which focuses on threat prevention, robustness and system recovery) by green aspects. To this end, key performance indicators are defined which quantify both, the system’s resistance against disruptions as well the environmental burden of freight transport in close collaboration with a large stakeholder group. Adopting three different scenarios on different geographical scales (regional, national and international/EU), different models are developed which are able to capture the unperturbed system operation as well as the behaviour in case of a disruption.


CEMOSA works on the development of a common framework for resilience and sustainability evaluation and management of logistics networks.

Also, CEMOSA leads the work package in which the different models for the resilience evaluation of logistics networks are built and the resilience of different scenarios is assessed.