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BEGONIA: Enabling the Internet of Energy and Optimized Transport through Cross-Border Digital Platforms

Start Date: 01/01/2024
End Date: 31/03/2027
Budget: 3.995.500,00 €

Funding programme:

Connecting Europe Facility (CEF) of the European Health and Digital Executive Agency (HADEA)



BEGONIA is focused on establishing a secure and efficient Internet of Energy (IoE) and optimizing transportation systems across EU member states. The project aims to pave the way for designing and developing cross-border Operational Digital Platforms (ODPs), capitalizing on existing and emerging European data, cloud, edge computing, and connectivity infrastructures to improve interoperability and standardization.

The goal is to expedite the digital transformation of the energy and mobility sectors, fostering a virtuous cycle of public-private investment partnerships through careful selection of use cases from at least seven member states.

Ultimately to enhance Europe’s dominance in the worldwide data economy and drive the digital and green transformations using ODP cross-border solution advancements and new technologies. By doing so, Europe can establish itself as a leader in the digital space while also promoting sustainability and enhancing the quality of life for its citizens. To achieve this, after conducting feasibility studies and establishing regulatory and technical frameworks, BEGONIA will identify and prepare lead cases and shortlist three for deployment in potential locations across Europe. BEGONIA will provide technical specifications for ODPs for full deployment in the work programs to incorporate renewable, enhance energy production and consumption efficiency, encourage the adoption of ecofriendly mobility modes, and minimize carbon emissions, thereby supporting the EU’s environmental and energy objectives.

BEGONIA is dedicated to engaging stakeholders to ensure the project’s success and long-term sustainability and share the results with the upcoming work programs. BEGONIA members are from Denmark, Spain, Austria, Greece and Belgium, with strong national backing and interest from the member states. Finally, BEGONIA will facilitate integration of renewable energy sources in the grid and encourage sustainable transportation modes using real-time data.

CEMOSA's role

CEMOSA is leader of the Work Package 2 that aims at identifying and evaluating the most relevant use cases in the energy and transport sector considering cross-border and cross-sectorial conditions.

In addition, CEMOSA is collaborating in all project activities, elaborating a cost-benefit methodology, the evaluation criteria and coordinating the procurement process to carry out the winner pilots after the shortlisting process.