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E-HYDRO: Development of an Intelligent Platform for Water Resources Modelling and Virtualisation


Start date: 01/01/2024
End date: 31/12/2027
Budget: 5.119.860,29 €

Funding programme:

TransMisiones Programme. Spanish Government


Given the increasing pressure on water resources, with a growing population and a scenario where climate change represents an added factor, the E-HYDRO solution provides a response by providing highly innovative capabilities for water resources management. Thus, E-HYDRO will enable management at the hydrographic basin level and its associated river network, where the user will have a Digital Twin of the basin, assisted by virtualization and modelling tools with specifically developed artificial intelligence engines.


Through E-HYDRO, users will be able to perform analytical and predictive management of basin resources from the perspective of water resource availability, groundwater, water quality, or immersive virtualization of the associated river network. E-HYDRO will thus allow for the consultation, simulation, and prevention of real or potential scenarios to precisely assist decision-making for better water resource management.

Papel de CEMOSA

CEMOSA is the coordinator of the E-HYDRO project and responsible for the development of a Digital Twin oriented water resources management Platform, with the aim of allowing managers of hydrographic basins to consult, visualize, and simulate different hydrological and water parameters. This platform will allow the integration of information from various activities such as:

  • Data capture at basin and river level.

Modelling of river courses and basin resources, taking into account the effects of Climate Change.