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Panama Metro Line 1 extension (San Isidro-Villa Zaita)

  • Location: Panama
  • Start date: 2021
  • End date: In progress
  • Budget: 177 millions USD$

CEMOSA' Services

  • Geotechnical study of the subsoil through which the extension of the line will run by drilling to a depth of 10 m in rock, geophysical studies and trial pits.
  • For execution control: concrete cylinder tests, aggregate suitability tests, soil suitability tests and in situ density tests are carried out to check compaction. Concrete tests are also carried out in the beam manufacturing plant.

Description of the project

The project consists of the Panama Metro Line 1 extension from San Isidro station to Villa Zaita station. The route of the line is 2.8km long, all in overhead section.