Since 2007, CEMOSA has an R&D&I department. We are highly committed to this area, as it is of vital importance to acquire knowledge through the necessary human and economic resources, establishing an R&D policy and defining objectives that are reviewed every year.

In order to provide value to the client and to society in general, we want our technical staff to be in permanent training, through continuous participation in R&D&I projects.

CEMOSA’s concern for continuous development has been recognised and valued with grants from Public Administrations: European Union (7th Framework Programme, H2020 programme), Spanish Government (CDTI, Ministry of Industry) and the Andalusian Regional Government (Junta de Andalucía). Others have been financed by clients or by CEMOSA itself. In addition, we have held the UNE 166002:2014 Standard Certificate “R&D&I Management: R&D&I Management System Requirements” since 2009.

Our R&D&I development areas include Transport Infrastructures (innovative infrastructure design, intelligent maintenance, advanced motorisation and impact assessment) and Building and Energy Efficiency (Integration of renewable energy systems in buildings, building refurbishment with advanced materials, projects based on Building Information Modelling, technologies for smart grids and smart cities).

These images accompanying this publication are from the University of Malaga demonstrator within the ebalanceplus project, coordinated by CEMOSA, where new technologies for smart grids have been demonstrated.

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