CEMOSA’s application to become a founding member of the European Programme ‘Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking’ accepted

The application led by CEMOSA, through the European Smart Green Rail Joint Venture (eSGR JV) consortium, has been accepted to participate in the European Rail Research and Innovation Partnership (continuation of the current Shift2Rail).

 CEMOSA, as a leading partner of eSGR together with 5 other Spanish entities: Enyse, Comsa, UPM, Tekniker and Etra, will participate as a founding member of the R&D&I programme ‘Europe’s Rail Joint Undertaking’. In this new programme, which will last 10 years, CEMOSA’s participation will be based on two fundamental principles: Ecological Transition and Digitalisation.

 The main objective of this participation in the successor programme of Shift2Rail, is to encourage the development and implementation of innovative technologies and solutions in the rail sector to meet the objectives of the European Green Deal, as well as to establish a framework to develop a wide range of solutions with support from within and outside our entity (through other founding members and partners of the programme) in order to achieve the goal of a 75% market uptake by 2030, improving the competitiveness of the European rail sector and shaping the European transport of the future.

 From CEMOSA we want to promote aspects such as digitalisation, automation and sustainable freight transport and eSGR will address the objectives of the Partnership to be achieved by 2030:

  • Delivering integrated European rail networks.
  • Delivering multimodality and interconnection of services.
  • Delivering European rail industry competitiveness for the whole sector.

In this link you can consult the Annexes of the European Commission: https://ec.europa.eu/transparency/regdoc/rep/1/2021/EN/COM-2021-87-F1-EN-ANNEX-1-PART-1.PDF


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