Madrid Calle 30 civil engineering and structural works project review work begins

CEMOSA has signed a new project supervision contract. In this case, it is the contract for the supervision of integral projects of Madrid Calle 30 (Lot 1: Review of civil works and structures projects), which CEMOSA was recently awarded together with SUBTERRA INGENIERÍA.

 The company Madrid Calle 30, attached to the Environment and Mobility Area of the Madrid City Council, manages the operation, conservation and maintenance of the Calle 30 ring road and the infrastructures and spaces around it (junctions, bridges, green areas, etc.).

 The main problem facing Madrid Calle 30 is the location of the projects, generally in an urban environment, with nearby housing and municipal roads that are affected.

 This contract will include the provision of project review services, reviewing each construction project, regardless of its nature, in order to check that it has been carried out in accordance with all the requirements established in the applicable standards, instructions, regulations and good practice criteria, to achieve the quality standards both in its definition and its assessment, thus allowing adequate confidence to be acquired that it can be correctly executed and that its performance will be as expected when the finished work is in service.

 There are a total of 24 projects to be reviewed, which have been differentiated according to their Material Execution Budget:

  • 22 projects with an EMP of less than 2 million €
  • 1 project with an EMP between 2 and 8 million €
  • 1 project with an EMP between 14 and 20 million €

The contract value amounts to 249,851.48 euros (VAT included).

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