Within the works carried out by CEMOSA in the port sector, marine geotechnics as a specific service must be highlighted.

This activity requires a high degree of specialization given the complexity of the works to be developed. The implementation of probes in sheltered water ports and open waters, necessary for the project of construction works such as dams, jetties, require the use of specific means that are not necessary in terrestrial geotechnics, such as pontoons, support boats, specific material for deep-sea drilling, etc. Also this type of works make necessary the specialization of operators as well as the participation of trained personnel in coordination with the port authority concerned.

CEMOSA has the means and the expertise required for this type of works and has participated in geotechnical studies in ports such as Mallorca´s, Malaga´s, Alicante´s and others, executing test drillings in waters with charted depth greater than 30 meters and productions greater than the 400 ml drillings performed in water.