The use of these structures is at present associated with buildings of singular characteristics, either by building design (size of heights to be covered), with sports buildings or industrial plants. CEMOSA carries out the control of metallic structures through qualified staff upon receipt on site, workshop visits, or during the installation period as well as regular checks.

These controls are carried out trough different tests such as:

ULTRASOUND EXAMINATION OF WELDS: The purpose of this test is to detect and characterize discontinuities and anomalies inside the materials produced during the production of the junctures or the product itself.

FLUID PENETRATING EXAMINATION OF WELDS: This is a non-destructive test that detects welding surface flaws defects on metallic and non-metallic materials.

X-RAY EXAMINATION OF WELDS: This test is used in order to detect anomalies inside the materials trough radiographic plating.

MAGNETIC PARTICLE EXAMINATION OF WELDS: This is a non-destructive test that detects the same flaws than the penetrating fluid test so it can be used as an alternative. It is mainly used for ferromagnetic materials.

VISUAL INSPECTIONS: These are performed during the execution of works where geometrical measurements are taken, the existence of external flaws is determined and the surface finishing of the material is analyzed.

WELDING PROCEDURE AND CERTIFICACION: CEMOSA oversees and approves the procedures conducting tests according to standard.