Product certification / CE Marking

This Business Area provides Services of Product Certification and Productivity Control Systems, specifically oriented to companies and manufacturers in the building industry. More than 35 years of accumulated knowledge in the quality control of construction materials, inspections of manufacturing plants and running tests on all types of products, make up the foundation of the very high technical qualification of our auditors. Thanks to this, we do not need the outsourcing of work.

Our team of experts is entirely formed by qualified professional from different disciplines related to Engineering, its materials, manufacturing processes and the environment. These professionals who have been trained in-house in CEMOSA´s Certification procedures, and specialized in the different construction product families, all have the same mission: Ensuring the quality of the constructions, as well as the security and the suitability for use of the construction products.

CEMOSA´s Certification operates throughout the national territory, being present in 9 delegations, as well as abroad, where it has 8 international head offices. This geographic distribution allows us to operate in any country, and empowers us with greater effectiveness in the programming and implementation of certification services.

The CEMOSA Certification Area has been authorized as Notified Body (nº 1377) by the Ministry of Industry and is accredited by ENAC for the whole range of products that it certifies within the CE Marking of construction products (ENAC accreditation nº OC-P/141). Being able to operate in the whole of the European Union or in any other place where products are manufactured and bound by the CE Marking.

We currently certify more than 100 construction products belonging to the following families:

  • Masonry factories
  • Additives
  • Mortars and aggregate
  • Concrete prefabs
  • Steel structures, electrodes, bolts, aluminium
  • Bituminous mixes, grouting, emulsions, bitumen and asphalt irrigations.

To see all the products for which CEMOSA can act as Notified Body, see the Technical Annex no. OC-P/141 (in Spanish).

Spanish standards, harmonized European standards or other regulations about specifications, and requirements for products establish, in any case the Production Control System that manufacturers have to apply as guarantee of product conformance.

The Production Control Systems are based on:

  • Tests and/or document review of the quality guarantees of the raw materials used to manufacture the product.
  • Definition of the visual inspections, tests, measures or controls during the manufacturing stages.
  • Plan of finished products testings.
  • Establishment of the verification requirements, calibration and the maintenance of manufacturing facilities.
  • Control system of documented in-factory production that allows demonstration of product conformance.

CEMOSA, as a Notified Body for the CE Marking of construction products, is not involved in the design and manufacturing of the products it certifies; nor does it offer technical consulting services to the manufacturers within the sphere of certification.

The R&D department does not carry out research tasks related to the manufacturing of new construction materials, or is involved with the improvement of the properties of existing ones that can be subject to evaluation by the Notified Body CEMOSA.

If you want to request a quote as Notified Body, information about the validity of certificates issued by the Notified Body CEMOSA or, for more information, you can write to this e- mail:

In case you want to file a complaint/ suggestion about the performance of Notified Body CEMOSA, you can write to the e-mail providing at least the following information:

  • Company which you represent.
  • Dunning/ suggestion date.
  • Statement of reasons and facts.

Furthermore, CEMOSA acts as the Laboratory Control Agency for Products Evaluation System 3 for ceramic tile adhesives (UNE EN 12004: 2008 + A1: 2012) and has its own laboratory for carrying out type tests.

To this end, CEMOSA has an ENAC accreditation as a Laboratory Control Agency pursuant to UNE EN ISO / IEC 17025: 2005 for carrying out tests as a Notified Agency within the Construction Products Regulation framework UE305 / 2011.

If you have a claim / suggestion regarding the performance of CEMOSA Laboratory Control Agency, you can send an email to the address indicating at least the following information: the company you represent, date of complaint / suggestion, explanation of motives and facts.

The complaints procedure is available to the stakeholders who request it.