Material Quality Control

CEMOSA has a wide network of laboratories for construction and civil work quality control. These are fixed in a delegation or on site and are suitably equipped to carry out tests to determine the quality of materials, their correct installation and, in this way, ensure the quality of completed work units.

In order to achieve this, CEMOSA relies on technical personnel that are experts in materials: in the execution of tests and the verification of installation works.

The fixed testing laboratories of CEMOSA are registered in the General Registry of CTE in areas such as: Edification tests EA, EFA, EH, EM, GT, PS, VS, Civil engineering tests OL- A, OL-B, OL-D according to the legal requirements established by Royal Decree 410/2010 of 31 March.

CEMOSA has ENAC Accreditations as a Laboratory to carry out the testing of concrete and adhesives for ceramic tiles.

The services that the department of Material Quality Control develops are grouped into the following  areas of activities:

  • Materials testing
  • Special test


According to the General Register of CTE, the tests carried out are grouped into the following areas:

  • GEOTECHINCAL AREA: Recognition and conditions, as well as mechanical characteristics of soils and stone, aggressiveness of soils and waters against concrete, durability tests
  • ROADS AREA: Untreated ground and aggregate: ground, granular layers, stone fillings, recycled aggregate. Treated soils and aggregate: stabilized grounds, soil- cement, gravel- cement. Bituminous materials: binders, asphalt mix, etc. Rigid flooring: lean-mix concrete, concrete for paving use.
  • SERVICE TESTS AREA: tightness Tests DB HS 1. Indoor air quality service tests DE HS 3. Water removal and supply service tests DB HS 4 and 5. Acoustic isolation service tests DB HR.
  • PRODUCT CONTROL AREA: According to article 7 in part I of the CTE, for the control of products that are received at the works, and are requested by the Project Manager.


Through on-site and laboratory tests, the information to carry out a sound inspection and quality control of the elements implemented in the work site, is obtained.

CEMOSA carries out the next types of tests:

  • FOUNDATIONS CONTROL: Piles auscultation and deep foundations. Piles integrity testing (crosshole, mechanical impedance…) Static loads tests and dynamic piles tests.
  • COMPACTING EMBANKMENTS CONTROL: On-site determination of density and moisture with nuclear probe and gravel method. Dynamic and static load plates. Fingerprint test, etc.
  • ON-SITE CONCRETE TESTS Concrete test pieces, sclerometry, ultrasound, etc.
  • BITUMINOUS MIXES TESTS, Mixes test samples, measure of surface friction, surface macrotexture (sand circle), impermeability, etc.
  • SIGNPOSTING Retro-reflection (vertical and horizontal), luminance colour and factor, coating thicknesses, etc.
  • ON-SITE MECHANICAL TESTS Traction and thrust test on metal anchors, rails, posts, etc.
  • ON-SITE MARERIALS TESTS adherences, harnesses, tiles permeability, mortars, cast, etc.
  • PIPE PRESSURE AND LEAKAGE TESTS of supply and sanitation.
  • ON-SITE LEAKAGE TESTS in roof and Windows.

The complaints procedure is available to the stakeholders who request it.