Building and Construction Quality Control Body

CEMOSA, acting as Building and construction Body, entered the CTE Register in the year 2010 and meets the conditions set out under the 410/2010 RD March 31st in which the content of the acts to be carried out, so as to guarantee Edification Quality Control are established.

CEMOSA develops its work in the phases of control of projects, execution of works and building maintenance proceedings, and in areas such as terrain surveys, and buildings maintenance status, compliance verification of the Edification Technical Code and other applicable regulations. Therefore, in new construction buildings or their renovation, evaluation on building performances throughout their useful lifespan in order to verify the compliance of each and every of the edification regulatory demands stated on the ETC and further regulations, supervision on the buildings energy certification and evaluation on the sustainability performances, functional and spatial building conditions.

Comprehensive Construction Control

This activity covers the integral control of the project and execution of works, including among others: Project Management, Technical Assistance, performance and setting-up of   equipment and facilities tests, verifying its effective functioning according with the technical specifications stated in the project and with the current regulations, Acoustic systems studies and  noise measurements (acoustic insulation, emission and inmission control, etc.), Energy Efficiency Certificates and rating verification.

Energy efficiency

CEMOSA, acting as an Energy Consulting firm, has a pool of experts in energy certification giving the customers the most appropriate proposal suited to their needs, carrying out the energy  certificate of the property, guaranteeing the necessary improvements and using to that effect state of the art softwares.

CEMOSA always complies in accordance with the EU 2002/31 guidelines regarding Energy Certificate, together with the EU 2010/31 May 19th and its partial transposition to the Spanish legal system through the 235/2013 RD April 5th, through which the basic Proceedings to certify buildings energy efficiency are adopted, both new and already existing ones.


CEMOSA offers a comprehensive service of environmental noise measurements,   airborne noise insulation measurements between premises, facades and soil impact noise, according to the different regional and local regulations.

CEMOSA also performs acoustic and noise prevention studies, providing the client with the implementation of the project. From the initial acoustic insulation verification and the level of noise produced by an activity, infrastructure or installation to ensuring high standards of performance with regards to the required values under the applicable legislation.

A professional team carries out sound insulation measurement services, on site, done on most of the Autonomous Regions.  To this end, the team has spectrum analyzers, sound level meters, direct and dodecahedron noise sources that together with an effective work methodology resolve any problematic issues under the various hypothesis and situations, in accordance to the Proceedings developed in our Quality Acoustic and Noise manual.


Since the Building Regulations 35/1999 Law (BRL) entered into effect,   the obligation that the Promoter has to take out an insurance  to cover the material damage caused in the building for failing to comply  with the habitability requirements or that could affect the structural safety within three and ten years period is stated, CEMOSA has been  performing this activity since 2000 providing with the necessary reports to make feasible the mentioned system of guarantees required by the Insurance Companies in order to quantify the risk faced.