Singular Building

Singular building generally covers all public buildings that carry a major difficulty in the project and construction either by size or structural typology. Likewise, the rehabilitation of historic buildings involve sensitive measures as they have a rating of unique characteristics.

The experience and capability of our staff in relation to some types of singular buildings are listed below:

Educational Buildings

CEMOSA gives technical advice and control services in both public and private educational buildings. The building department develops its work in both, the development of actions related to the diagnosis, as to the rehabilitation of this type of buildings. It also provides technical advice in the compliance with the basic requirements in new building projects. Our multidisciplinary team, acting as Building Quality Control Body, provides the guarantee that being part of this sector requires. From the supervision of the project to the execution of the work, as well as advising within the field of maintenance.

Hospital Buildings

The challenge of specialization has been present in the construction department from its outset and it is evolves in a specific manner in order to carry out the most demanding works in the hospital sector. CEMOSA, knowledgeable about the complexity of this type of buildings, has become one of the leading companies in this sector, providing the experience and working with the most specialized software in the market. Our company is pioneering in the implementation of technical advice and monitoring in all phases of the project, the execution and maintenance of works so as to ensure that the building complies with the basic requirements of Safety, Habitability and Functionality.

Singular Buildings

More than a 40 year work experience give us the right to say that the Building department has developed the advisory and quality control capabilities and services for the main building typologies. As a result of this, CEMOSA provides impartiality, competencies, responsibility and confidentiality that the actions undertaken in this sector demand. CEMOSA has carried out its works in singular buildings such as large prison facilities and developed the provision of advisory services for the implementation and development of buildings and industrial states. It has also operated monitoring projects, given technical advice and carried out the implementation control of major national buildings. The building department provides this sector with a multidisciplinary team with great experience that generates the necessary guarantee for the property developers that are involved in this type of works.

Buildings Rehabilitation

The Building department has done works in the field of rehabilitation since its early beginnings. The diagnosis and pathologies studies done by a multidisciplinary team that combines, amongst other professionals, Chemical Engineers, Industrial Engineers, Graduates in Geological Science, Architects, and Surveyors, make the difference and are the foundation of the success of the works carried out in this sector. Therefore responding in this way to the demands of our clients. The development engendered in this field under the 8/20103 Law has driven even further the development of this area in the department, boosting the works undertaken, in line with the criteria under the 410/2010RD.

The team of technicians that make up the department provide advice within the field of building, both in the project supervision as in the implementation control of such complex actions, thus doing all our work as a Quality Control Body of the building. Likewise we are continually providing the liability, guarantee and security that is implied in the statement mentioned above.