Project Description


The purpose of the preliminary project is to improve the state of the existing infrastructure in the urban conurbations of Colón. There was an adequate street structure but in a general state of unhealthiness and hazard due to the aerial cabling system, very poor state of the sewage network as well as well-located paving problems. The works carried out include:

  • Improvement of sections in the main and secondary avenues. New design of the main and secondary avenues, taking a road section with a median landscape in the case of main avenues and providing required section for vehicle transit as well as for parking. As for pedestrian transit, a system of sidewalks with couch grass in both main and secondary streets, is designed. Reform of the sea promenade providing the city with landscape areas with tourist appeal.
  • Healthcare Network. Designing a new system of sewerage separatism, counting with a network of existing sanitary drainage but with collectors to replace and ensure the proper functioning of the network, also installing rain water sewers in a total of 13,000 ml pipeline.
  • Paving. Renovation of existing paving to a rigid pavement with concrete slabs of 20 cm and 12.5 cm of hot asphalt mix. Action is taken in areas with detected pathologies, ensuring an average 20 year life span of the pavement.
  • Electrification. Relaying the wiring below ground which is currently aerial.
  • Construction of a leisure area to the north of the urban conurbation of 114,000 m2.

The role of CEMOSA

  • Drafting of Preliminary Project