Project Description

Granada’s Metropolitan, a metropolitan train with light rail characteristics, was born after a signed agreement between the Department of Public Works, the Housing Council of the Regional Government of Andalusia and Granada, Albolote, Armilla and Maracena Town Halls.

Its route of 15,9 Km and 26 stops will cover the regional North-South axis, linking the major growing commercial and industrial area with the fastest growing residential area. The estimated duration of the itinerary, between its two ends, is approximately 45 minutes.

Planned as a means of transport above ground for most of its route layout (83% of the track), the buried track goes through Granada City entirely. In the tunnels’ construction, a constructive system of screen walls (Cut & Cover) will be used. An option that represents the best solution for its implementation, once the development of the track, the terrain, the security requirements and the constraints of cohabiting with the citizenry have been analyzed and studied.

The role of CEMOSA

  • Quality control of the Works.