Project Description

Iberdrola has awarded CEMOSA the technical assistance for the construction of the Núñez de Balboa photovoltaic plant in the province of Badajoz. CEMOSA will analyse and carry out extensive monitoring of the Contractor’s activities related to jobs concerning civil work, electrical and mechanical assembly, electrical infrastructure of the photovoltaic plant, supply, collection and assembly of plant components and
launch channelled towards project execution, and to enable decision making the contract requires, in order to carry out the construction work effectively.

Iberdrola takes a decisive step towards photovoltaic energy with the construction of the photovoltaic plant of Núñez de Balboa in Usagre (Badajoz). The power plant will have an existing capacity of 500 MWp (391 MW of maximum power connected to the grid), and since the plant will be in operation – forecast for September 2020 – it will supply clean energy to 250,000 people which exceeds the population of the cities of Caceres and Badajoz, and will prevent the emission of 215,000 tons of CO2 into the atmosphere this way per year.

Núñez de Balboa will take up a surface of around 1,000 hectares, and will produce approximately 832 GWh per year. The plant will have 288,000 foundations on which 1,430.000 photovoltaic panels shall be installed, which will reach a total weight of 12,100 tons. The project also includes the undertaking of all infrastructure required to take the produced energy to the electrical distribution network. It will have 115 inverters to convert the current produced by the panels in alternating current suitable for use, and more than 2,000 kilometres of medium and low voltage cables.

CEMOSA’s role

Property Engineering