Project Description

Contract for Project Management and Technical Assistance with Site Management, Control and Oversight for the development of the airports in the AENA network in the south of Spain which comprises the airports of Málaga-Costa del Sol, Seville, Almeria, F.G.L. Granada-Jaen, Jerez, Melilla, Córdoba y Badajoz, and the heliports of Ceuta and Algeciras.

CEMOSA is responsible for directing and coordinating the development of key airports within the AENA network during the 4-year contract, including Malaga Airport with the fourth largest amount of passengers in Spain, and Seville Airport which has the largest growth within the AENA network. This contract covers the planning of needs and investments and their timing adjustment, to the technical management for projects they require, and finishing in the Project Management itself once they reach the execution stage.

The ambitious plan to extend and refurbish Seville Airport is presently being carried out with an extension of the Terminal Building, electric power station, renewal of runway surface etc…

The next large extension of Malaga Airport Costa del Sol is also expected to be a key action which is presently during the investment analysis stage, and will comprise a new extension of the Terminal Building along with new buildings for parking, together with the improvements and adaptations in the entrances required.

With the aim of tending to the needs of the contract, offices have been opened in the airports of Malaga and Seville for the whole duration of the contract.

CEMOSA’s role

50% partner in Spanish temporary consortium UTE with INSERAIL.

The tasks of Project Management, Technical Project Management, Monitoring and integration of Documents, Management and Project Management Control are distributed among staff from both companies who work in complete coordination with each other.