Project Description


The Project includes the construction of a Terminal Building and a parking area.

  • The Terminal Building is designed on a 36 x 36m grid which is adjusted to the passengers processing zone as well as to the gate parking boarding areas, coming to a total of 333.483m2 built surface area.
  • The Processing Building has three main floors intented for the treatment of passengers and baggage.
  • The main floors of the building are: the departures floor, a technical mezzanine intended for luggage processing and connection to the car park areas, and the arrivals floor at platform level. There are also two basements dedicated to facilities and baggage handling.
  • The check-in hall has a total of 86 check-in desks.
  • The Bus Station has a surface area of about 13.000 m2 with a total of 62 parking berths.

A new Parking Facilities Building of 122.502 m2 spread over six floors with a total capacity of 4.139 vehicles which is connected to the Terminal Building.

The role of CEMOSA

  • Facilities technical control: electrical, air-conditioning systems, mechanical, fire-fighting system.