Project Description

Station 200 m in length, with two levels, platforms and lobby, with glassed roofing and curtain wall; connection board with access to exits and execution of the last meters tunnel relaying the line underground to the breakthrough of the tunnel boring machine.

Location is next to the Terminal Building of the Malaga Airport, replacing the existing station and providing service to the underground railway line Malaga – Fuengirola, occupying approximately a surface area of 5,010 m2.

The side support of the lands is done by continuous screens of reinforced concrete with a thickness of 1 m.

In the first level, a slab of reinforced concrete is layed out. In the intermediate level, first floor sanitary slab floor with joists and, in the last level, an inverted vault with a reinforced concrete slab of 1.2 m of constant thickness, with 1 % slope in the areas under the platforms and a curve in the area under the railway line.

In the Airport station, it is planned to install two side platforms 240 m in length and 5 m in width.

The station consists of two different levels. The first level with its lobby is an access to the street and the second level is where the platforms are.

Access to the platforms is through four escalators, two fixed and two elevators.

Construction of commercial spaces, facilities and finishes.

The role of CEMOSA

  • Technical assistance.
  • Drafting of modified Project.