Project Description

Consultancy and Assistance for the Drafting of the Platform Project of the New High Speed Rail Access Levante/East. Track Section: Moncófar- Villareal. Spain


The subsection Moncófar-Villareal is included within the Valencia- Castellón section of the High Speed Line Madrid- Castilla La Mancha- Valencian Community – Region of Murcia. The length of the subsection is 14, 36 km and it runs through the municipal districts of Moncófar, Nules, Burriana, Alquerías del Nió Perdido y Villareal in the province of Castellón.

The layout presents high speed parameters that allow a maximum speed of 350km/h which will be reduced to 200 km/h in the vicinity of Villareal. A 14 metres platform width for double tracks has been planned. It runs through agricultural lands, saving the course of the ravines of la Mura, Bechí and Piloto  as well as river Seco´s.

The most remarkable elements of the section are the 10 viaducts to be designed, amongst which the viaduct over the Rocha canal (274 m), the road CV-18 (314, 5 m) and the river Seco (482 m) can emphasized. The Project has also defined the Train Passing Post (PAET) in Burriana.

Of all the repositioning of rights of way to be resolved during the drafting of the Project, roads CV-2220, CV-18, CV-222 and CV- 185 must be highlighted, as well as the roads of la Colada de los Camunos de Carnicer and Caminás y la Colada del Último Sedeny.

The Project contemplates the construction of 10 viaducts, 11 overpasses, 3 underpasses, 27 lateral drainage works and 3 wildlife crossings.

The role of CEMOSA

  • Drafting of the construction Project.