Project Description


Construction of a Control Tower of 80m height, formed by three differentiated sections:

  • Two-storey lower section above ground level and a one- storey section below ground level for the technical block located at the base of the tower.
  • Middle section formed by a round shaft of reinforced concrete of 6,00m diameter and an outer skin made of a metallic structure of 20 helical steel tubes of rectangular sectioning generating an exterior troncoconical meshed surface that wraps around the upper section of 13,50m diametre in its lower end and 22,50m in its upper part. Both concrete and metallic structures brace and support each other by means of 5 intermediate platforms made of steel beams to resist earthquake and wind forces.
  • Six-storey upper section for main use of teams, resting, radio links and mezzanine for technical facilities. The last two floors, meteo & SDP room and the bell glass structure for the air traffic control tower, located between the ranges +58,50 and 79,50, are recessed in relation to the outer skin, crowning the upper section of the tower.
  • Development and construction of a residential area with 15 parking places and landscaped areas is foreseen.


Construction of the Headquarters for the new Centre of Aviation Management of Colombia to house the automated and integrated provision and management for the air traffic services of the Republic of Colombia, located next to the New Control Tower, with a total built surface area of 9.351 m2.

The CGAC is conceived as a circular development like a separate complex of four buildings for their planned different uses(Control Centre, Administrative Centre, Technical and Resting Area), articulated by a distributor or connecting link located at the centre of the complex.

Each of these four buildings has two storeys above ground except for the Control Centre which has three storeys, in which the main rooms are all double-height.

There are other separate buildings:

  • A chapel for internal use by staff members, set as a separate section surrounded by gardens.
  • Electrical Substation that services the CGAC and Control Tower.
  • Two Access control huts.
  • Outdoors sports field.
  • Private parking for 80 vehicles.

The role of CEMOSA

  • Geometrical Control
  • Quantitative Control
  • Qualitative Control: Structures, Architecture, facilities
  • Works management