Project Description


The purpose of the preliminary draft isto design a housing project of 76 rooms with urban infrastructure and the buildings needed to house a total of 5,000 housing units.

The preliminary draft includes the design of the following elements:

  • The road system, geometry, cross sections, signalling, bus stops and taxi stands.
  • Five-storey building (PB+4 High) with the ground floor adapted for people with disabilities and all the basic services (water, electricity, telephony, health)
  • Rain water System: through reinforced concrete pipelines with all of the drainage systems necessary for its correct functioning, inspection cameras, print heads, rain channels, water banks, gratings…
  • Healthcare system: network of primary and secondary sewage with PVC, inspection cameras, health records, points of access.
  • Pumping Stations of wastewater with pumps FLYGT NP 3153 or similar.
  • Waste water Treatment Plant: The biological purification treatment chosen is one with low energy consumption, by rotating biological contactors (Biodisks) and clarifier (various alternatives have been proposed and the final choices were between the proposed system and the trickling filter or bacteria beds system. We have opted for the Biodisks, minimizing odours and wastewater pumping with respect to the beds).
  • The EDAR with two (2) lines of treatment was designed as follows:
    • Primary: four (4) lines of Biodisks and two (2) lines of secondary decanting after which a (1) maze of chlorination will be located.
    • With regard to the sludge line, two (2) lines, for both the thickening/digestion as for dehydration using centrifuge are planned. The storage of sludge is to be carried out in a (1) 50 m3 loading capacity hopper.
  • External and internal aqueduct systems and storage tank of 18 x 40 x 5.5
  • Green areas, neighborhood parks, playgrounds, lit synthetic baseball field and football pitch.
  • Areas for vehicle parking.

The role of CEMOSA

  • Drafting of Preliminary Draft.