Project Description

Platform, taxiways and runways. Santander Airport, Spain.


Work is being done for the expansion of the airfield at the airport of Santander with the following actions:

  • New taxiway toward head-end 29, this taxiway is perpendicularly connected with the runway coming up to a distance of 500m from it.
  • New taxiway towards head-end 11, this taxiway has a parallel stretch to the runway of 600 m in length. In its final stretch the taxiway branches out and connects with the runway via two taxiways at a 45 degree angle each.
  • Both taxiways will be 23 metres wide with a margin of 7,5 metres on each side.
  • Extension of the platform for commercial aviation on a surface area of 28.065 m², and giving it a further 5 parking spots.
  • Construction of a platform designated for general aviation with 12 parking spots plus and additional parking spot for helicopters, the total surface area of this platform is of 10.194 m².

The role of CEMOSA

All supervision/monitoring activities:

  • Geometric control
  • Quantitative control
  • Qualitative control
  • Economic control
  • Time limits control