Project Description

The Complex for Hydroelectric Exploitation in Alto Tâmega comprises one of the most important hydraulic projects tackled in the last 25 years in Europe. Having started the work in December 2014 with an expected completion date of June 2023, the estimated investment is around €1,200 million.

The complex comprises the following:

  • Alto Tâmega Dam (power station exterior by turbine operation)
  • Gouvães Central (power station underground by pumping)
  • Daivôes Dam (power station exterior by turbine operation)

This complex will have a total capacity of 1,158 MW, which is 4% of the hydroelectric production in Portugal, and this is distributed over the dams of Alto Támega that will produce 160 MW and will start in 2023; Gouvães with 880 MW which will start in 2021, and Daivões, to supply 118 MW, which will be in operation during 2022.

CEMOSA’s role

CEMOSA in collaboration with the Portuguese company SENQUAL – Sociedade de Engeharia e Qualidade, Lda. is established in the project as the contractor of LABORATORY OF CIVIL WORKS.