Project Description


The Works comprise the construction of a new platform for aircraft parking in “L” shape, surrounding the surface occupied by the embankment of the new terminal building, with a surface area of 50.300 m2 that will be destined to the aircraft and will be served by boarding bridges from the above mentioned enbankment.

The paving of a zone of the existing platform in front of the new embankment and of approximate surface area of 109,000m2 is regenerated.

Flexible paving of taxiways and parking spots access points with the major of greater width made of 43 cm of asphalt agglomerate of 4cm T6, 8cm T5, 9cm S25 , 22cm G25 and 22cm of artificial ZA..

Rigid slab paving of HP-45 of 39cm width, 20 cm lean mix concrete and 25cm of artificial ZA, in slabs of 5.00 x 5.00 m, for the parking.

This extension generates 2 D-type parking spots and 3 C-type spots. Esta ampliación genera 2 puestos de estacionamiento tipo D y 3 puestos tipo C. The area of paving regeneration has capacity for 4 E-type parking spot or 6 C-type and 1 D-type spots.

Construction of a triple gallery of facilities services.

Installation of Hydrocarbons separation Plant.

The role of CEMOSA

  • Geometric control
  • Quantitative control
  • Qualitative control
  • Economic control
  • Deadlines monitoring