Project Description

Design of the passenger terminal and platform extension El Dorado Luis Carlos Galán Sarmiento International Airport, Bogotá, -Colombia.

Phase I: consists of the Enlargement of 42,000 m2 of the Terminal Building, 31.000 m2 of the processing Building distributed in three levels with Exit Hall enlargement, check- in area, boarding areas, toilets, connecting area , operating security zone, customs, BHS, company’s offices and storage cellars, shopping area, VIP room, nursing. As well as 17.000 m2 of passenger and boarding gate area with access to the aircraft through boarding bridges.

In this phase, 35.000 m2 of aircraft parking apron for three positions type E or six type C in the north and two type C in the south, are expanded.

Phase II: Extension of the Passengers Terminal northern bay with approximately 14.000 m2 and 19.000 m2 of platform to place an additional Cat. ECHO position or 2 Car. CHARLIE positions in MARS configuration.

Phase III: It corresponds to a platform with approximately 30.500 m2, necessary to place 3 Cat. CHARLIE positions designed in Phase II plus 3 Cat. CHARLIE remote positions

Integral designs at detail level of the different extensions of the El Dorado Airport: they correspond with the designs in all disciplines (architectural, technical and airport) needed  to undertake the construction of the infrastructures of the Terminal building, platform and land-side urbanization.

In these designs are included all constructive details, planes, memories ,final reports and amount of final works that ensure the constructor, contractors and providers to correctly develop  the construction tasks to the smallest detail and  in this way minimizing setbacks, optimizing work processes without incurring any additional costs.

The role of CEMOSA

  • Project management.
  • Platform design: signalling system, flooring, lighting, simulation.
  • Design of electrical, mechanic installations, air conditioning and fire protection systems, voice & data system.