Project Description

Assistance for the control and testing of the welding work of the viaduct´s composite spans over the A-45 and the Guadalhorce A-92, in the platform works on the High Speed Line Antequera – Granada. Tier: Antequera – Peña de los Enamorados, Spain.


The section Antequera-Peña de los Enamorados of the high-speed line Antequera-Granada runs through the province of Malaga, in the municipalities of Antequera and Archidona. Close by, we find infrastructures like the A-45 motorway of the Ministry of Development, the A-92 motorway of the Junta of Andalusia and the railway line Fuente de Piedra-Granada. The objective of these two viaducts is to save the A-45 and A-92 motorways.

  • A-45 Viaduct: joint viaduct of three spans 30+70+30, which central span is supported by two upper-side twin arches joined to the board using metallic lattice. The standard cross-section is formed by two metal side beams with a 2.25m edge joined by transversal main beams every 3m assisted by a concrete slab. These transversal main beams are variable-edged assembled double-T beams. The arches have an edge and width of 1.5 m.
  • A-92 Viaduct: viaduct of great length (2525.5 m) and 49 spans with a Type of post-tensioned box section along its entire length, with the exception of the passage over the A- 92, which was resolved with a composite box-shaped section supported by a 90-metre arching span supported itself by 39.25-metre side spans which are constructed of Composite Type. The composite cross-section is a metallic box with a 3.4-metre edge with closed web and bolted plate on beam web stiffeners. The arch is, in fact, made up of two external parallel arches to the cross-section that are attached to it using metallic lattice. The arches have an edge and width of 1.5 metres.

The role of CEMOSA

  • Quality control and testing of materials.