Project Description

Services agreement for the control and testing of the welding work of composite concrete-steel structure of the new Archidona viaduct for the platform works in the High Speed Line Antequera- Granada. Railway track sections: “Peña de los enamorados – Archidona (Archidona viaduct ) and Archidona-Arroyo de la Negra”. Spain


The section of the project is 7.500 m long, with its origin in P.K. 200+ 000,00 and includes as elements to be highlighted, an artificial tunnel (400 m), a Siding for Trains which is 1.891 m long, as well as Archidona Viaduct which is 2.575,69 m long. The whole layout runs along in variant with respect to the current line Bobadilla- Granada and it carries on through Archidona municipal district, in Malaga province.

The project is divided into two sections which are markedly different:

  • SECTION 1 (P.K. 200+000 A 204+925). It is a section where the works have started and are affected by the new location of the P.A.E.T, in addition to some minor adjustments that were necessary to carry out at ground level to achieve adequate access to the tunnel under Archidona mountain range.
  • SECTION 2 (P.K. 204+925 A 207+500,743). Archidona Viaduct. This is a newly-built stretch where the Archidona Viaduct is located and is, without any doubt, the element in the project of the greatest complexity. The viaduct is 2.575,15 m long and lies entirely within a curve of 6,600 m radius.

The role of CEMOSA

  • Control and tests of the welding work.