Project Description

Constructive geotechnical projects, hydraulic and electric installations, including the description of the constructive method, waterproofing, terracing, instrumentation, and road network adaption for CAMPO BELO Station, Line 17 of São Paulo metro, Brazil.

Station Body structure

The building structure of line 17 of the station Campo Belo, has an approximate length of 60 m, an average width of 16,5 m and 27 m in height.

The connection between the structure of line 17 of the station Campo Belo and the station of line 5, is made through the access of building 1. This building is connected to the body structure of the station through a metal pedestrian bridge.

The access to the station body structure from street level is through two buildings located on either side, which connect to street level and up to the first level of the station body structure. This connection is made through metal pedestrian bridges located on either side of this building.

Access 1

This building serves as a connection between the station body structure of line 17, access tunnel to the station structure of line 5 of Campo Belo and at ground level in the area of Periodista Roberto Marinho Avenue. The connection between this building and the station body in line 17, is through a pedestrian bridge which connects the building on the east side of the station body structure, the access levels of “Hall de Billheterias” and the “mezanino”. This structure has the peculiar feature that it houses an area of technical rooms.

The approximate dimensions of the building are, 49 m in length, 19 m in width and 13 m under ground level. The building is 17 m high above ground level.

Access 2

The access to Line 17 of building 2 at the Campo Belo Station is located concurrently to the Avenue El periodista Roberto Marinho, serves as connection between the ground level in the access building area and the ticket offices level of the station body structure. This connection is through the west side of the station body structure through a metal pedestrian bridge of circular section.

The approximate dimensions of the access of this building are 30 m in length, 30 m in width and 14 m in height.

The role of CEMOSA

  • Design and calculation of structures.
  • Design and calculation of installations.