Project Description

Air fields and under-runway Bridge design for Panamerican highway. Scarlett Marínez Airport. Hato River, Panama.


The design consists of a flight runway of 2.459m in length and 60m in width, margins included. The solution includes new floorings, horizontal signalling, and visual aids associated to this runway, runway edge lights, threshold lights and runway end lights and visual aids that indicate the wind direction. The project also includes the rain drainage system adjustments in the field  and the runway strips adjustments  to existing standards. The whole design is carried in accordance  to OACI and FAA laws.

The work includes a tunnel under the Air field for the Pan- American highway. The new tunnel, with 170 m in length, has three lanes in each direction, margins and buffer zone according to the A.S.S.H.T.O standard and to the most demanding design methods. The directions will be delimited by two separate structures (double tunnel) that make a mixed solution, consisting in a superficial foundation (pads) and reinforced concrete walls built-in the foundation, combined with prefabricated vaulted arcs with 17 meters per each (totalling 34, 7 meters) and supported by lateral concrete walls.

Inside the airport´s facilities design, the fuel supply system, the electrical system, the lighting platform of the aircraft parking apron, the control system and the presentation of all visual aids of the aircraft movement area, are also included.

The role of CEMOSA

  • Project Management
  • Geometrical design of Air field and Pan- American
  • Structural calculation of the underpass
  • Design: floorings, runway, taxiways, platform and Pan- American highway
  • Beaconing design
  • Horizontal signalling design in Air field.
  • Design of the lighting platform and Pan-American lighting
  • Air field Drainage calculation
  • Design of road signalling in Pan-American