Project Description

The aims of this project consist of developing a high performance alternative, more inexpensive than the current equestrian tracks, by using recycled materials from end-of-life tires.

The design of an equestrian track is a key indicator for the health of the horses. Depending on the type of soil, a wide range of diseases and injuries could be originated. The desired properties in a soil are a certain level of elasticity and damping, a good drainage system and a inexpensive and easy maintenance. All these properties will get by using materials from end-of-life tires.

Although in Spain is not widespread implemented, in other countries such as France, UK or USA, the use of recycled materials from end-of-life tires in equestrian track is widely extended. The most of cases, the end-of-life tires granulate is distributed in a surface layer mixed with sand or other material.

The characterization is based in tests which simulate the footprint of the horse in a natural environment. The obtained results aim to the fact that the replacement of the current systems could be possible without a performance loss in the sports practice.

The role of CEMOSA

CEMOSA carries out all the tasks in this project:

  • Numerical simulations
  • Development of new protocol of testing
  • Design and fabrication of new test equipment ‘horse footprint’
  • Design and fabrication of a steel box non-deformable for large-scale tests.
  • Box monitoring
  • Tests in several sections
  • Tests of permeability and drainage
  • Checking and validation in a real equestrian track