CEMOSA continues to perform the construction supervision of the Photovoltaic Plant of the Andévalo (Huelva), verifying the civil works by drone flight.

At the end of 2019, CEMOSA started the work of construction supervision of the Photovoltaic Plant of Andévalo (Huelva), as well as the substation. For these works, CEMOSA makes use of tools such as drones, obtaining an aerial perspective of the plant, in this case, in order to supervise the civil works. The installation, whose [Read more...]

2020-01-24T12:17:30+02:0024 January 2020|Milestone / Project on-going|

CEMOSA has started its work at CODELCO Division El Teniente, the largest underground copper mine in the world (Rancagua, Chile)

CEMOSA, in consortium, started its quality control work in mining for the construction company Gardilcic in the project “Agreement CC-085. Mining Works, Crushing System. Work 206”. El Teniente is the largest underground copper mine on the planet. This Codelco mine is located in the Comuna de Machalí (Rancagua, Bernardo O'Higgins Liberator Region, Chile), in the [Read more...]

2020-01-21T11:45:40+02:0021 January 2020|Milestone / Project on-going|

CEMOSA awarded the Technical Building Inspection of the Intermodal Abando Indalecio Prieto in Bilbao (Spain)

CEMOSA has been awarded the contract for the preparation and processing services of the technical inspection of the buildings of the Intermodal Abando Indalecio Prieto in Bilbao (Bizkaia, Spain). The duration of the services is planned to be carried out in three months, for an amount of € 21,060.32 (VAT excluded).

2020-01-20T13:21:55+02:0017 January 2020|Sin categoría|

Mr. Manuel Salas participates with a speech on Quality control and pathologies of the concrete in the Master’s Degree in Industrial Engineering at the University of Malaga (UMA)

Yesterday, January 15, 2020, Mr. Manuel Salas Casanova, Technical Manager of the Quality Control Department, participated in the subject "Control and pathology in urban planning and building" of the Official Master's Degree in INDUSTRIAL ENGINEERING at the University of Malaga, with the presentation entitled "QUALITY CONTROL AND PATHOLOGIES OF THE CONCRETE”.

2020-01-20T13:01:31+02:0016 January 2020|Company new|

The consortium GERENCIADOR CET, led by CEMOSA, is the winner of the “Asistencia a la Gerencia del Programa de Saneamiento Básico de la Cuenca de Estrada Nova (PROMABEN II)” in the Municipality of Belém (Pará, Brazil)

CEMOSA, in a temporary joint Venture with the Brazilian companies ENGEVIX and TECHNE, has been awarded the Management Assistance of the PROMABEN II Program, financed by the Inter American Development Bank, whose client is the Municipality of Belém (Pará, Brazil). The agreement, with a term of 38 months and a budget of 1.8 million euros, [Read more...]

2020-01-20T13:13:36+02:0016 January 2020|Adjudication|

CEMOSA awarded the quality control of the urban planning of Valdebebas for IFEMA expansion

On January 9, 2020, CEMOSA was awarded the agreement for the quality control during the execution of the earthworks and retaining walls, as well as the urban planning in the Valdebebas site, for the extension of IFEMA (Fair Institution of Madrid). The term of the contract will be planned to be carried out in 15 [Read more...]

2020-01-20T12:51:11+02:0015 January 2020|Sin categoría|

CEMOSA awarded new contract for drafting air side projects at Tijuana Airport (Mexico)

CEMOSA is awarded the contract “Drafting of the executive project for the rehabilitation of runway 09-27, filming F and overnight platform, av platform. General and works for compliance with the regulations of the PMD 2020-2024 ”at Tijuana Airport (Mexico). The works will consist in carrying out the design and studies for the improvement of runway, [Read more...]

2020-01-20T12:34:49+02:0013 January 2020|Adjudication, Milestone / Project on-going|

CEMOSA, in a temporary joint Venture with INGEROP, executes for ADIF the preliminary design of the Section Bodabilla – Ronda for ADIF

Currently, the following works are being carried out: drafting of the constructive project of the renewal of track, specific actions in infrastructure and adjustment of the overpass gauge of the Section Bobadilla - Ronda, at the 0 + 580 to 69 + 900 kilometres point of the Bobadilla - Algeciras line. This contract was signed [Read more...]

2020-01-20T12:19:53+02:008 January 2020|Milestone / Project on-going|