The Jaén Paraíso Interior, currently in the highest category of national indoor soccer, urgently requires a sports space that meets the conditions that said category requires for the celebration of official matches. A first level space that meets the requirements established by the National Federation of Indoor Soccer as the headquarters of the Spanish Cup, but that at the same time it can also host any sporting event, matching us to the rest of the provinces of Andalusia.

The Sport Palace is located in the Provincial Trade Fair and conference of Jaén.

The space will have remarkable dimensions and volume; 119.54 m x 96.50 m and 7.540,21 square metres of occupy on floor. The free track height has been set at 25.84 metres. It will have a visitor-capacity of more than 6.500, distributed in two stands, a fixed stand and a telescopic stand that starts at the foot of the track.

A multipurpose space for the celebration of other cultural or social events, with total capacity for concerts and shows of about 10,000 people, so that it can host national and international competitions.

It is composed of a three-dimensional spatial structure, with an approximate semioctahedral modulation of 4×4 meters module. The structure covers an approximate area of 6971.05 m2, with a structure axis, and a small footprint of 80×101 meters.