The consortium GERENCIADOR CET, led by CEMOSA, is the winner of the “Asistencia a la Gerencia del Programa de Saneamiento Básico de la Cuenca de Estrada Nova (PROMABEN II)” in the Municipality of Belém (Pará, Brazil)

CEMOSA, in a temporary joint Venture with the Brazilian companies ENGEVIX and TECHNE, has been awarded the Management Assistance of the PROMABEN II Program, financed by the Inter American Development Bank, whose client is the Municipality of Belém (Pará, Brazil). The agreement, with a term of 38 months and a budget of 1.8 million euros, [Read more...]

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CEMOSA awarded new contract for drafting air side projects at Tijuana Airport (Mexico)

CEMOSA is awarded the contract “Drafting of the executive project for the rehabilitation of runway 09-27, filming F and overnight platform, av platform. General and works for compliance with the regulations of the PMD 2020-2024 ”at Tijuana Airport (Mexico). The works will consist in carrying out the design and studies for the improvement of runway, [Read more...]

2020-01-20T12:34:49+02:0013 January 2020|Adjudication, Milestone / Project on-going|

CEMOSA awarded the quality control of the works of the new industrial plant and the IMBISA administrative building.

CEMOSA has been awarded the agreement for the services of stakeout check and geometric control, as well as quality control tests and inspections in the work site in the new industrial plant and the administrative building of Imprenta de Billetes, SA (IMBISA). The duration of the services is estimated at twenty-two months, in which CEMOSA [Read more...]

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CEMOSA in a temporary joint Venture with UG21 is awarded the contract of the technical support to the Project Manager of the highway work of Almanzora (A-334)

The Development, Infrastructures and Land Planning Department of the Regional Government of Andalusia has awarded to the temporary joint Venture CEMOSA-UG21, for an amount of 409,977.09 Euro (VAT excluded), the contract for the technical support to the Project Manager of the work “Autovia del Almanzora (A-334). Section: El Cucador Intersection – Link with the AL-7106 [Read more...]

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New awards of the Municipality of Madrid to CEMOSA

CEMOSA in a temporary joint Venture with ESTUDIO NORNIELLA and PINEARQ has been one of the four companies awarded the ‘Framework Procurement Agreement of works and support to the implementation of works in the Municipality of Madrid and its Autonomous Bodies”. CEMOSA has signed the contracts related to the following works: Lot 1: Work to [Read more...]

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CEMOSA awarded with the contract for the investment study of a new airfield in the Oxapampa district (Peru)

The General Directorate of Civil Aeronautics of Peru belonging to the Ministry of Transportation and Communications has awarded CEMOSA the investment study of the project “Airport service in the district of Oxapampa - province of Oxapampa department of Pasco". The work consists of carrying out the project location studies, field studies such as topography, geotechnical [Read more...]

2019-10-08T12:05:19+02:008 October 2019|Adjudication, Milestone / Project on-going|

CEMOSA awarded of the IBERDROLA RENOVABLES framework agreement for the implementation of the PROPERTY ENGINEERING in the new construction of Photovoltaic Plants throughout the Spanish territory until December 2022

CEMOSA, through the recently awarded framework agreement, will fulfil the role of Property Engineering, until December 2022 for the company IBERDROLA RENOVABLES, of the photovoltaic plants that will be built throughout the Spanish territory. The works carried out by CEMOSA will consist of the supervision of activities related to civil works, electrical and mechanical assembly, [Read more...]

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The Jaén Paraíso Interior, currently in the highest category of national indoor soccer, urgently requires a sports space that meets the conditions that said category requires for the celebration of official matches. A first level space that meets the requirements established by the National Federation of Indoor Soccer as the headquarters of the Spanish Cup, [Read more...]

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