CEMOSA was founded in 1972 under the commercial name “Centro de Estudios de Materiales y Control de Obra, SA.”. It is a company specialized in engineering services and quality control in the field of construction, encouraging right from its outset values such as knowledge, innovation and technology, with its aim always set on quality and corporate responsibility in all of its activities.

CEMOSA offers its services in the following areas: Engineering, Geotechnics, Health and Safety, building, Control of Materials and Product certification / CE Marking.

As a laboratory for quality control, CEMOSA has been carrying out the technical supervision of construction materials, ever since it started. Endorsed by more than 45 years of on-the-field experience, it has led us to be recognized as a Notified Body for the granting of the CE marking for certain construction products.


  • Service: Our main objective is to satisfy the needs of our customers. Our added value consists of being aware of the methodologies and most innovative technologies in our field so as to provide a personalized service and expertise to our customers by providing our knowledge and experience.
  • Efficiency: We strive to offer a quality service combining our technical resources and human talent.
  • Commitment: our efforts are aimed at fulfilling our vision and mission through the relationship company-employee sharing common goals and objectives, and being essentially based on shared responsibility.
  • Honesty: We promote amongst our employees and customers the compliance of a professional conduct that makes us act with respect, honesty and transparency on a daily basis.
  • Team work: we seek to create a teamwork culture that pursues excellence, quality, innovation and respect for other people in the company.
  • Innovation: We aim to achieve a business proposition that helps find new ideas and attract new talent.
  • Respect for fundamental rights: in CEMOSA, we commit ourselves to respect in all our activities the fundamental rights and public freedoms recognized by the international agreements and the legal system, in all of our activities. In this way, creating in a major way the commitment with respect to human dignity.
  • Principle of equality: from and within the company management, we promote the principles of equality and non-discrimination, both with respect to employment and occupation as within any other field.

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