AENA awards Cemosa–Louis Berger joint venture the contract of technical assistance services for the management and control of all actuation to develop in Palma de Mallorca Airport within the Strategic Project called DORA to the “Adaptation to the Airport Functional Design”.

 Comprehensive management of the entire project consists in Constructive Project Redaction, Works Execution, Operational Transition of new infrastructures, and finally, Start-up of airport infrastructure.

 The total amount of adjudication offered is EUR 14.150.000 (17,3 million USD) while the time frame in which it takes place comprises 70 months between 2018 and 2023.

 The scope of works contracted by AENA will be technical assistance in the design and execution of enlargement and remodeling of Terminal Area, including commercial zones, VIP rooms, furniture and equipment; adaptation of facilities to Fire Protection Regulations, such as switchboards and detector renovation, air conditioning replacement or electrical works; as well as new terminal flooring, new rolling corridors or boarding bridges remodeling.

CEMOSA develops much of its business activity, in services related with the design and construction of transport infrastructures, has an airport division with a long history providing professional services at airports in Spain and Latin America.

 CEMOSA provides a wide range of specialized engineering services ranging from consultancy, planning, feasibility studies and site selection to design, comprehensive project management commissioning and operational readiness of the airport infrastructures and facilities.